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Friday, September 18, 2009

NY #10,11

#10 i jumped in on the yellow at 00 thinking a good number, then i broke deeper so i exited -3. then the price move back up above the tma so i entered a buy #11 and made back the loss. And done for the week.

NY #6,7,8,9

#6 rememberng the previous move up where i took the initial yellow at 18 and lost i waited for the price to continue its move get under the tma and enter a short again using the hline at 18 for the exit as i did before.
#7 priced pushed up again stalled, got under the tma and i shorted it, knowing my s/l was the previous high of 30. again the exit was the same hline at 18.
#8 got yellow got under the tma knowing my exit again was the 18 hline.
#9 yellow again under the tma for the entry exit it u guessed it hline at 18.

Friday NY 9/18/09 trades 1-5

#1 took the short off the yellow and the Hline at 18, (as some know i like to keep a tma21 running in my rainbow white dotted line), helps me spot when the price has ducked under it the short signal from the yellow reversal solidifies the entry. but the price keeps moving up so when it breaks the previous high my entry, i exit with a small loss.
#2 again the same trade, price is under the tma21 i enter, knowing the 18 level was my recent resistance area also the Hline or horizontal line. so that was my exit.
#3 same exact trade
#4 took it right off the yellow felt it had pushed down hard only to see it continue so i exited once it broke the previous low.
#5 though the yellow was signaling i waited for it to relax find support and get above the tma21 to confirm the buy and then exit at the Hline 06