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Friday, March 12, 2010


6-then occassionally everything lines up, trend down, got yellow/red to short. For me a perfect setup and the market does not care and screws you. I Shorted again in the direction of the bias held on looking for it to turn and bammmm it kept going, i averaged in at 50 looking for a bounce down, to get me out at 44. The trend was now up so i felt if the price got anywhere near 50 i would exit and buy. Exited -10 but i had added so call it -20. OUCH
7-bought +6
8-bought again +6
9-bought again +8
10-shorted off the yellow +8
11-bought again +9
12-shorted again -4
13-then bought off the 5min support at 74 nice +16

NY #1-5

1-after news took a quick buy off the push down, +3
2-then started buying in the direction of the move +5
3-same +4

Thursday, March 11, 2010

NY #1-7

1-I had a fib at 27 got yellow took the buy, exited +7
2-and shorted into the down move, went against me a little bit exited at 27 off the yellow +7
3-and bought again, exited +7
4-and shorted again into the move and exited at 27 again +7
5-and bought againt and exited +7
6-and shorted once more into the move, i went against me -7
7-went up to the recent highs at 49 where i shorted back into the direction of the move +6

I have to leave for the day not a bad quick session...

Wednesday, March 10, 2010


You can see i drew them as the price reached a high and then started to form the flag formation many of us know of. So when the price breaks either above the top TL or below the bottom TL you look for a retest to that line and enter in the direction of the break of the line. Here the entry was to short. i did not trade this as London was closing but you get these EXACT setups every single week so just recognize them, draw a little trendline and wait for you entry. Also notice the price went directly to the 50sma yellow line. Hummm sounds like the cash register is ringing to me...


19-i had a Fib at 56 i shorted broke higher -6
20-i let the price settle and looked for a pullback to buy into the move +4
21-same trade +4
22-same trade +4
23-london was going to close in 45min so i felt this might reverse some in here so i shorted from the top here +7
24-bought again but it was stalling so i just exited as london was going to close in a half hour and I do not like to trade then +0


13- i bought again into the move +3
14-then shorted +3
15-i drew a little trend line for it to bounce off of to take shorts or close and go long so i shorted off of it +3
16-same +4
17-did the same broke up then came down and test the trendline I exited i should HAVE BOUGHT THERE BUT I DID NOT!!!! -1
18-yellow waited for 50 shorted +5


9- again shorted off the yellow at 29 exited 26 +3
10-yellow at 36 i shorted went a little against me came back down got out BE +0
11- and i bought into the trend +3
12- shorted off the little spike up +2


5- price jumped up tried to short off the yellow on the exhaustion of the move at 26 got in 25 exited 21 +4
6-same trade again +4
7-got yellow bought into the uptrend which is my homerun setup heard the yellow alert go off at 29 +16
8-and shorted at 29, i went against me a little and i exited on the spine or the white MA +5

NY #1-4

1- green yellow buy +3
2-same trade +3
3-normally that 15 area on the EU is the spot to short from if you are getting your yellow for a reversal. i shorted there exited 08 +7
4-then bought exited again at 15 +7

Tuesday, March 9, 2010


6-i took the buy off the yellow it went against me, i held as i saw the 50sma coming on the 5min and knew a bounce back up would come, just did not know how far, it did come back up and i got out BE and immediately shorted off the entry.
7- +8

NY #1-5

1-bounce off the 50sma 15min chart at 90 quick +3
2-same exact trade +3
3-trend is up right now so it pulled back down some and i bought into the direction of the trend +4
4-i waited until i got my HOMERUN setup the pull back down indicators rolled yellow to buy +9
5-same trade again as 2,3 though it went against me some I held feeling it would come back my way and test the 85 area +4

Monday, March 8, 2010

Asia #1-4

did not get to trade much NY, personal matters. But i squeezed a few off in early asia.
1-yellow bought, jumped up to the previous support at 16 and exited +7
2-yellow shorted +3
3-yellow again shorted +3
4-yellow again shorted +3. good start for the day going into NY.