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Friday, November 6, 2009


#7 got yellow to buy, as the bias is clearly up, saw about 5 pips profit and thought this was about to break up again and pay me nice BUT it broke the other way and bam took at nice hit of -10,

#8 then I saw the daily pivot at 68 so i took a buy there off the bounce and grab a few back.


#6 got yellow to buy, looking for a nice push up at least 00, it touched it and then bounced so i exited +12 only to watch it jump to 11. DAMN i missed the bigger push.......


#4 priced pushed up hard and stalled so i shorted when it broke against me i exited -7

#5 priced stalled again this time at the recent support at 04 i entered a short at 02 and exited 95 made back the lose from #4.


#1 was a short after the initial push down it tested 62 and started down again, my exit was the yellow where
#2 i also bought, it went against me but i held as i felt it was going to go back up, it tanked more but i was with house money so i held and when i got yellow again i added a position(which i rarely do anymore) and once i saw a little profit i exited. it did fly back up to 78
#3 and once that started to do down i jumped in anothe sell and rode that down, saw 55 and then it started back up and i exited at 64.

Thursday, November 5, 2009


price had hit the 50sma on the 5min chart, felt a nice reversal for some pips might be in order entered 78 got to BE then it went down, lost 5 only to watch it revese back up. Oh well...


got a bit chewed up earlier on as i felt the bias was up but the EU was just dancing, then i got into a nice run up and then waiting for the next set up...

Tuesday, November 3, 2009


got yellow broke against me and lost 3 damn...another trade is coming though


trades say it all, some winners and losers, mixed bag on this last run


Yellow bought, again grabbed a is erratic, so waiting for price to stall and then jump in and grab a few...


another short off the yellow for 5 more...


same trades, yellow buy grabbed 3 more pips, i am not so sure of the direction that is why i wm not holding onto trades longer...


#2 took the buy off the yellow grabbed 2...


trend bias is down, pushed up to the 50 area, over shot it like it likes to do, priced stalled got yellow and took 5...

Monday, November 2, 2009


same trades as earlier except coming from the other direction, daily pivot 58 got the yellow took the short, though the mom. was up i looked for only a couple here, s/l was the previous spike at 59...


#8 priced hit the 58 area again and went a little more so i took the buy again, in and out quick


OK one more, took the short off the yellow grabbed 5 more


#5 & 6 priced moved down, felt it was now going to touch eth 58 area where the daily pivot was on the 5min chart. once priced stalled i entered in the direction of the move. Then i exited and entered the other way at 58 and exited with a few more the other way and DONE FOR THE DAY.


shorted off the yellow rode it down the the recent support area 18/14 area i got yellow the other way so i used it ias my exit...


#3 felt the trend was still up, it broke the little support area and grabbed a few more pips to get me ++ for the day


took the buy off the yellow and rode it back up and put some pips in the pocket


Priced moved up strong off the news, got yellow on the pullback down to buy but it kept going and I kept holding on waiting for the turn back up, finally i gave in took the hit, and started back to work

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Pre asia

#1 just happen to be in front of the computer, saw the yellow formed, check the 5min charts and saw that it was testing its lows and felt a bounce might be in order. Grab 5. i added a new indicator to the bottom of my charts (Throw MA) that i am watching to help me stay in trades a bit longer or confirm trades i am in. The idea being when the red crosses the yellow that is the entry or telling you a few more pips could be coming.