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Friday, May 14, 2010


12-i had off the 5min chart support at 58 and when the price made a push down again i jumped in for a bounce trade there, +10
13-priced pushed way up off the bounce and i got the HP setup i look for, red to short into the move +4. This trade was 1/2 before the close of london and that is when i try my best to stop trading as the last half hour can be much more unpredictable. so that is why it was a quick in and out.


9-saw it dropped and many times when the EU moves through the 00 mark it likes to go by it 4-5 pips and then retest the 00, so i jumped in at 96 and it went against me -6
10-jumped back up as expected and tested my support area at 09, actually hit 08 and i shorted from there looking to test the 96area for an exit +12
11-priced kept dropping and i was looking for a entry to jump in the move, on my 5min chart i had 88 as a support area, so i took the short when it went by it got in at 90 +6


7-again entered a short rode it to the recent lows of 25 +17
8-exited the short and bought looking for a quick bounce +3
9-saw support off the 5min chart at 09 +3


5-quick counter off the yellow +3
6-same trade but i had seen the recent lows were at 25 so i waited to get in there knowing i would get a bounce +13

NY #1-4

1-shorts are in, took it off the yellow and the 50 price. +4
2-again yellow short, +13
3-got yellow took the counter trade and rode it towards the 50 price and closed +12 and
4-shorted back into the down trend +4

Thursday, May 13, 2010


4-again shorting into the trend +4
5-same +3
6-this was a bounce trade off the 50sma +3

NY #1-3

Well it is nice to be back. I should be able to start posting trades again
1-the overall trend is down, price pulled up, got yellow i shorted +4
2-same trade +5
3-price pushed down and retested the recent lows from the left side of the chart, was getting yellow and entered off the bounce of the recent lows +3