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Sunday, March 28, 2010


10-price kept dropping again, i saw support off the 5min chart at 75, got yellow at 80 waited with some patience to see if it would hit 75 for the yellow bounce trade. got Yellow price pushed to 76 i got in 78 quick jump out with +5


8-green i bought and exited with just +2 as i remembered earlier the price pushed to 92
9-bought off the yellow again I knew 92 was the spot but I jumped in the trade early, it went against me a little bit but I held it then price came back +4


5-shorted off the yellow +2
6-shorted off the yellow +3
7-I had support on the 5min at 16, shorted again +6


4- price pushed down and then got above the tma i bought, went a few against me +7

NY #1-3

1-shorted off the yellow +3
2-shorted off the yellow +4
3-bought off the yellow +5