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Saturday, June 5, 2010

Friday, June 4, 2010


5-saw the price about to test the lows again, got yellow, tried to time my entry off th bottom at 21 then it moved up, i heard the audio divergance alert that this could reverse up higher so i held looking for a yellow to exit right after the price pushed up once again vertically I exited +31 pips
6-and shorted +6
7-the trend is trying to reverse up but overall shorts seem in play still. on my 5min charts i was 66 area was a resistance area to short from +4
8-pushed higher same trade though +4
9-same trade again +4
10-the big one i should have held this, the bounce off the 50sma 5min +10, this dropped to 1.191 rrrrrrrrrrrr.
I am done for the week. Have a great weekend everyone. Let me know if I can help in any way...

NY #1-4

Here are some of my trades from the day...
1-the trend is obviously down, i got a late start had yellow jumped in at 53 price pushed and spiked up higher i held and added a position (I do not recommend unless you have proper Money Management and a firm rule as to when to exit if it does not do your way) average price of 57. +13
2-price pushed up vertically, stalled and i jumped in another short +5
3-got yellow counter trade +10
4-again pushed higher back to the recent area i shorted from and i shorted again +5

Thursday, June 3, 2010


6-after testing the 32 area if broke it and I was waiting for price to stall, yesterday it happend at the 18 area so i remember that and when the price hit it i jumped in a buy at 20 as it was a fast move. +3
7-similar trade +4
8-same trade +4
9-i was 12 as a support area +3
10-price stalled i bought broke down further -4
11-priced stalled again i bought +5

NY #1-5

Not a lot of time this morning but was able to squeeze off a few trades.
1-The first was a quick bounce off the daily pivot +3
2-same trade timed it a bit better +4
3-priced stretch up real fast and I jumped in a short in the direction of the move +9
4-and immediately bought as the EU likes to stretch one way retest the lows, stall and then reverse back the other direction for a few more +3 this was just a rythme trade and experience watching the EU
5-shorted off the yellow at 50 +4

Some NY 5min Charts Entries

Some Key Area bounce trades. These are all very HP trades that happen consistantly on the EU.

Some Asia 5min Chart Entries

Wednesday, June 2, 2010


15-priced reversed all the back down from 18 so i felt a test of 00 and a bounce there was a solid entry as the move back down did not have a lot of energy or speed. In otherwords there was not a big push so a soft touch off the 00 and up for a few seemed like a solid trade. IF it broke against me i would exit minus a few pips and move on to the next trade. +4
16-wanted to get one more trade for the session, took a shot at 00 again and got the same exit +4. Done for the day. Have a great afternoon/evening...


10-same entry as before +4
11-same broke the other way -3
12-price stretched up vertically timed the peak entry +3
13-same trade +4
14-same trade +2


5- price stalled got in at 00 it broke the other way-5
6-stretched down to an area of support at 91 and i was waiting with a buy back up to 00 +7
7-pushed down again, yellow, bought exit at the 91 +4
8-up again to short +5
9-same trade +4

NY #1-4

Morning everyone, we are in a range and the price keeps banging off the 50sma, so until this changes I will keep taking some pips. Sometimes price gets like this, recognize the pattern and trade accordingly
1-4 same exact trade

Tuesday, June 1, 2010


15-price peeked out at 1.2350 and i jumped in looking for a bounce there +14
16- started getting my reversal green which would be my normal HP set up and i missed a couple opps to jump in quick buys and sells, some would have worked and a couple would not. I looked to get in where i exited my the big buy trade at 13 area. +9
17-now we got the green/yellow took the buy on the small push past the 00 +5


12-i was now looking to buy into this up move i had the weekly pivot at 1.2326 i bought on this small pullback down at 1.2282 and it flew up, i should have held to the target but exited +30
13- took the short off the weekly pivot obviously i had yellow, did not exit thinking there would be a big rejection from this area instead it jumped higher my next resistance was at 37 so i held the original trade and added a position there so price was 31. Again my thought was this has moved soooo fast and high that i knew there had to be shorts waiting up in this area. exited +8


7-price pushed up hard i was looking for an entry around 52 which i got then i just held for 2 minutes and exited +7
8-same trade again off the yellow a bit higher though, but this is going up so looking for quick exit +3
9-similar trade i had resistance at 66 got in a short broke higher came back and pushed lower and because of the speed of the this move up i just exited -4
10-again i had rest. at 82 so i shorted there +3
11-price went veritcally up my daily pivot was at 91 i jumped in at 92 and it bounced off it quick +10


5-right after the news the price stretched to 34 i had been getting yellow and jumped in +6
6-same trade but a bit higher +6

NY #1-4

1-price has moved up from the londons low and seems to be moving up. With that said i got yellow at the 00 and took a bounce counter trade here exited at +7.
2-Then got the HP trade i love, the 5min trend is up got the reversal down to buy into the up move +5
3-yellow again shorted looking for a test of 00 for an exit +3
4-i had resistance at 22 on my charts got yellow jumped in another counter trade +6

Monday, May 31, 2010


6-got my hp setup, the 5min trend is down, then i waited for the price to pullback up targeting the 88 area as a place of resistance(as marked by the diamonds) to short back into the bigger down trend. I started getting yellow/red(white dot) saying overbought and a short is building so i jumped in. The price sat there for a like 3 minutes then it broke +6. Now i am getting into the last 1/2hr of london so i will finish my day with this trade.


3-i was wrong the market continued the down move, saw support around 82 got a price of 80, it went against me a few the diamond marked my sl. +4
4-now looking to short into the move, got in off the stepping down, under the tma, took the short, got +7 then it dove deeper, damn and i missed it.
5-took a buy off the support i had at 69, i was looking at the previous diamond to give me my exit, thinking price would push back up and test that recent low and that is where i exited.+5

NY #1-2

Very Thin market today but will try and squeeze out a few quick trades.
1-market was coming back down at this time, i had my 50sma coming in at 05 so i took a trade there, +3
2-a bounce off the 00 +4
I was waiting for a bounce and yellow around the 90/88 area for a buy but as you see in the chart it made it to 92. Now seems to be going up. But again the market is thin and any rush of sellers/buyers could move this market fast and hard.