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Friday, March 19, 2010

Reversal pattern again

I have posted this setup a few times before and i will continue to show it.
you have the bear candle down the you get the indi candle green with the wick of the candle pointed down showing the price has become exhausted then you get the bull candle up, and then the market reverses up for some pips. Again just another setup to keep your eye out for if you watch the 5min charts...


10- 08 was my 50%fib so i bought looking for the bounce and i had yellow +4
11-felt the price would push up to the zone on the 5min chart around 14/15, so i shorted into the downtrend again +5
12-then i waited for the next opp. got red and yellow so i shorted again into the bias +5
and calling it a week. Everyone enjoy your weekend have a blast be safe...


7-red again shorted into the downtrend +9,
8-i have the 50%Fib at 08 so when it bounced off of 08 i entered +5
9-same trade a test of 08 i bought +5

NY #1-6

1-the previous low was 25 priced pushed down to it again and I bough looking for the bounce, it went a little against me but came back and paid +6
2-shorted into the trend and closed it at the recent low +12
3-and bought again as the price had stretched +5
4-and shorted again into the bias, priced stretched down again and i felt it would snap back up, got above the tma and I bought and closed again at the same place i shorted from +9
5-shorted again, priced stalled with the alligator teeth +3
6-then came back up, thought it might go to 33 area but it gave red to short so i shorted +9

Wednesday, March 17, 2010


10-yellow red, short +4
11-same trade took it off the 50sma at 52 +6


5-off the yellow counter trade +2
6-same trade again slipped against me test 27 came up to 34 i exited +1
7-and shorted into the move but it went against me bastard -4
8-price pulled onto the zone on the 5min chart and I shorted into the bias again +13
9-and bought +4


2- buy yellow -3
3- i then saw the recent lows were around 37, priced moved down still was getting yellow, then got above the tma, i bought, again went a little against me to test the lows +6
4-then on the exit i shorted into the bias this also went a little against me +3

NY #1

1- trend is somewhat down on the 5min chart got yellow/red saying a short was coming, +7

Tuesday, March 16, 2010


11- shorted off the support at 52 +6
12- same trade +8


9-got green to buy into the trend at 57, it was dancing around the 55/58 area waited for it to break up and it did not reversed down exit -10
10-still was getting green and yellow to buy so i waited for the price to stablize and entered again it went against me but i held seeing yellow knowing this has to reverse back some and pay me +3


4-i wanted to buy at 33 but got caught on the phone and bam it flys up. Always frustrating. price spiked up i entered at 57, went a little against me, came back i thought it would test the 52 support i had on the 5min charts and that is where i exited with +4. I should have bought again not totally concentrating here.
5-shorted again off the yellow, again it went a little against me, came back +4 again
6-bought into the move when price got above the tma +8
7-shorted off the high +7
8-bought again into the up move +3

NY #1-3

1-started trading price pushed up and gave yellow so i shorted on the exhaustion of the move +3
2-i bought off the exit into the uptrend +7
3- should have held until i got yellow but when i got the signal for yellow i shorted +5

Monday, March 15, 2010


26-was doing some work heard the alert go off, checked the charts saw 71 as a recent little support area which now became resistance and the 50sma was getting close so i took the short and then close with +7 to finish the day...


25- pushed back up shorted at 57 the support on 5min +3
Now i am calling it a day...


21-bought at 52 +4
22-shorted again went against me but i felt it would come back, when i saw BE i exited +0
23-red i shorted kept rolling red, i knew this is the HOMERUN setup i look for i held it and like an idiot i exited toooooo early as it dropped 15 more pips +5
24-bought again off the hard push down and yellow +2
calling it a day, no loses I will take that.


11-counter trade quick +2
12-another one +5
13-shorted into the downtrend +5
14-and bought off the exit +3
15-another counter +2
16-and shorted +7
17-bought off the exit of the short +2
18-bought again +3
19-and shorted again into the downtrend +5
20-bought +2
most the counter trades were off of support areas i saw on the 5min chart or when the price stalled.


8-counter trade off the bottom of the recent lows +2
9-another trade off the push down +4
10-bought into the down move +6
11-and bought again +3


5-took the buy yellow 95 near the recent lows, should have waited for 92 area, came back up to 00 +4
6-i exited and shorted +2
7-shorted again at 00 +6


3- took the buy at 99 +3
4-shorted off the red/yellow combo into the direction of the 5min trend +6

NY #1,2

1-Yellow/red, bias is down off the 5min chart. shorted got +3
2-after the news, the market again was and is still in a down bias for the moment,price got under the tma(white dotted line) i entered in the direction of the bia +4.