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Thursday, February 10, 2011

NY 5 Min Chart...

Sorry for the late post, i had marked the chart earlier but did not have to time to explain the entries.

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

NY 5 Min Chart...

Lots of trade today.  Let me know if you have specific questions

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

NY 5 Min Chart...

1-under the 50sma trend down, price pulls up looking to short +5
2-buy off the bounce of the Fib +4
3-shorted again into the downmove +5
4-again bought off the bounce of the Fib +3
5-priced pushed lower when it came back up felt the buy would be at the Fib, got caught here, did not realize there was news at 10amest.  priced kepts pushing figure i would ride it out and add at what i saw as the end of the push, added just past the 50sma exited +1
6-i waited for a direction priced again pushed higher i shorted off the Fib +6
7-bought into the up move price went to the 50sma, i added a position to my buy trade. +5
8-shorted off the pivot +3
9-shorted off the Fib +3
10-price went down i bought into the up trend +10
11-shorted off the Fib +3
12- priced pushed down again i entered a buy +9
13-shorted off the Fib +8
14-bought off the Fib +5.

Monday, February 7, 2011

NY 5MIN Chart...

1-based on the big red candle down and through the 50sma i felt the trend was now down.  Looking for pullbacks to short, the Fib at 1.3546 was the spot to enter 2-took the bounce buy off the S1green line went a few against me, when it came back up i exited at.
3-shorted off the S1 into the downmove
4-took the buy off the bounce of the S1white, again this went a few against me but came back my target was a test of the green S1, when it got close it exited
5-previously the price had tested the Fib at 1.3511, so when the price stretched to it i bought  again this went against me but slowly came back
6-shorted off the S1white
7&8-i was off the computer but i would have taken the short at the S1 green then i would have added at the 50sma bounce.  Again i did not take these trades but I would have.
9-price pushed up strong, pulled back and i bought, it pulled further back and i added into what i perceived as the start of an uptrend(above the 50sma) exited +5
10-shorted off the M2 got in early went a few against me +6
11-bought into the uptrend off the Fib at 1.3542 +5
12-shorted off the M2 +3
13-price stretched up, i entered off what i thought the price would stop (the check marks) again it went against me then came down +3 end of the session and a bit past my normal trading time.
**I took a small lose in here but i do not remember exactly where like -3