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Friday, July 16, 2010


3-yellow test of the lows +3
4-same trade +3.5
5-shorted into the down move exited on yellow +7
6-bought off the exit +5
7-and shorted into the downmove closed +4 wanted to hold it but it was just past the end of my trading time

NY #1,2

Did some trading earlier and then caught these two trades. The short term 5min trend is down, the dow is negative, price pulled back up, i had seen support at 54 and got in a short there off the yellow. +9
2-priced dropped further and stalled bought at 32 my SL was a break of 30 +4

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Some Late NY trades...

1-support at 29 shorted +4
2-price flew up shorted at 50 went a bit against me exited +5
3-shorted again off the green at 60 +4
4-jumped up again got in at 65 again went against me a few then slowly came back +8, end of my time to trade 1/2 before london close.