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Friday, January 21, 2011

5min chart..

More trades off the 5min chart, you do not need the tick chart once you learn to read the 5min charts.  The tick helps to pinpoint entries...

Thursday, January 20, 2011

5min chart..

Just on overview of areas where price pullsback, some of these entries I took others I was asleep for. Price above the 50sma pullsback into the zone between the 10-21ema and take buys, same when under the 50sma except look for sells.

Usually your HIGHEST prob set up is the first 2 pullbacks once you get above/below the 50sma by 12+ pips. Notice the 50sma bounce trades...

Monday, January 17, 2011


7-yellow buy bottom of the range +3.5
8-pushe a bit higher shorted +2.5
9-yellow got in at 01, saw support at 09 on the 5m, i added, exited at 00 +4
10-bought off the exit +4
11-pushed back down took the buy off this support area at 89 +2.5
12-bought off the yellow bottom of the range again +4
13-again shorted off the support area in the middle, went a few against me +3

NY #1-6

We seem to be ranging because of the holiday...
1-getting yellow took the buy off the support on the 5m chart, obv went against me at about 9, knew it would turn some off the yellow, +2
2-i felt it pulled back up that much after falling so much that it would drop back down +7
3-saw support at 00 on the 5m, yellow, +5.5
4-bought off the exit +3
5-waited until it made a push one way or the other, yellow bottom of recent push down took the buy +4
6-pushed a bit higher felt it would turn back down for a few +3