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Friday, February 19, 2010


15-i am trying not to trade the last half hour of london as it usually does opposite of what i think so right at the close it made this push up, i shorted right at 50, it broke higher -7
16-spiked up hard again i shorted 61 again as i felt it had to pullback and pay me exited 56 +5
17-bought with the trend at 50 and zoom it went up got yellow i closed at 64 +14 and
18-shorted to 61 +3.

Nice finish to the week. have a great relaxing weekend.


12-yellow short +3
13-yellow again shot +3
14-yellow short +4
I am all finished for the week. Have a great one...


10-got yellow 08 area was a nice pause area before on my charts plus this is the 50sma so I shorted 07 exit 05 +2
11-but the bias is switching up so i entered a buy on the exit at 05, got yellow at 12 and exited +7


9-pull up into the ZONE red/yellow HELLO money!!!! entered 01- exit 96 +5 very very HP trade. Trend is down the price pulls back up gives the entry reversal signal and take the trade sl on this trade around 5-6 pips


5-seems this wants to push down i shorted at 14, it gave me yellow to exit and buy but i thought it was breaking lower and ignored it, only to watch it go back up i exited at 13 +1.
6-same exact trade but this one broke, got yellow and exited at 98 +16
7- took the buy at 89 off the support at 87 and yellow exited 93 +4
8-took the buy again at 87 off the yellow push down bad execution exited 89 +2


3-the bounce after the news off the 50sma +4
4-got yellow entered at 28 exited 24 +4
i cannot read this market right now, so i will concentrate on HP trades and tight sl. Until a pattern develops

NY #1 & 2

1-the daily pivot was at 21, price went a little past my entry i waited and exited 18 +3
2-and took a buy at 19, it also went further against me then i like but the bias was up for right now so i felt it was just pulling back to then continue on up, I exited at 22 +3

Thursday, February 18, 2010


i had talked about this before in my posts but i will do it again so everyone understands another candle pattern I look. This is the doji or the indicive candle. What interestes me is seeing a doji with opposite candles on each side. So sell candle doji buy candle then i have a strong setup that this trade is going to go up. Or buy candle going up, the price stalls, a doji forms then a get sell candle, that is a sign that the price is going to reverse.

Early today i took my first buy, i had gotten in and then i saw this exact setup the buy candle a big doji candle though the tail was pointing up, i was in a buy and as i watched the nex few minutes unfold the buy candle formed so i held the trade and got 13 pips out of it i believe. See that i felt pretty strong the bias was going to be up for a bit. When using this setup your stop loss is the top or bottom of the doji candle.

Here are a few examples the second is one that i actually traded.


20-take a quick buy at 10 and it jumped up 12 exited with +2
21-came down to the 03 i entered at 06 again rode it up to 14 +8
22-because the trend is going down now once it tested 06 again i shorted targeting 95 area as mentioned in an earlier post exited 95 +11 and
23-bought at 95 it went against me i held this think it might pullback up to test the 95 and then continue dropping, soon as it hit 95 it exited BE and
24-shorted 95 then it went and tested the lows i exited 86 +9



15-took the buy at 23 broke against me -7
16-took the buy at 19 exited 16 -3
17-bought at 14 exited 16 +2
18-bought again at 12 exited 10 -2
19-bought at 07 and exited at 14 +7
so gave a little back trying to catch the move back up. I am exhausted, will wait for a very HP trade a buy at the 95 area or short from up top around 55/60


13- was looking for30 to enter a buy got inpatient and entered 33 exited 47 +14
14-was getting green on the pullback down but news was about to happen, waited for it to pass, priced pushed a little further down got green and i bought again at 26 exited 32 +6


9-took the buy at 01, i remember yesterday there was a lot of pausing of the price around 15 area, exited 13 +12
10-took he buy at 05 saw the next support area to attack was 30, price sprinted for it i exited 28 +23
11-shorted immediately on the exit grbbed +2 then it pushed higher again saw he weekly pivot and daily pivot was at 60, but the priced lost energy at 55
12-so i shorted from 52 exited 48 +4


I saw that the market was extremel oversold and that a correction up was due to happen, the market had been ranging it pushed down a bit into the 45 area
1-i got yellow and entered a buy at 50 exited 65 +15
2-recent highs were at 71, priced pushed to it i shorted and grabbed +4
3-priced then pushed higher came back to the 71 and I entered a buy at 73 exited 80 +7
4-came back down i entered again at 71, saw some highs in london were at 85 so i exited there +13 and
5-shorted to 82 +3 and
6-bought at84 exited the next area of support i saw of the 15min charts at 96 and shorted there plus i had yellow telling me te momentum was slowing a bit or pausing and
7-shorted at 96 grabbed +2 and
8-bought at 94 exited 00 +6

Wednesday, February 17, 2010


13- priced pushed down hard, took a shot off the 30 pip move down from 40-10 got in at 12 exited 17 for +5. done until london closes and this settles down a bit. though if it pushes to 87/92 area i will buy.


7-tried to catch the bounce at 83 in 82 out 75 -7
8-weekly pivot at 64 entered 6 out 68 +4
9-shorted into the bias off the exit at 68 closed that at 50 +18
10-i had support at 39 got in a buy at 42 rode it to 50 exited +8
11-shorted back down to 39 +11
12-bought again off the low and took +


5- took the buy off the yellow
6- shorted from 10 again

NY #1-4

1-after the news bias seemed down, priced touched 22 then touched it a second time, i took a short from 20 exited 10 +10
2-similar trade got red to short entered 18 exited 10 +8
3- got yellow for the counter trend trade entered 05 exit 08 +3
4- shorted from 11 exited 08 again +3 should have held this one

Tuesday, February 16, 2010


17- green buy in a nice slow ranging market
18- yellow short down again.


15- green i bought, slipped a litte against me then a bit later, in a slower market it came and spiked up and i exited with +5
16- got yellow on the touch of 72 got in 71 exite 67 for +4


13- trend is up got green to buy, exited at 50, no idea it was going to fly higher.
14- got green to buy again the first diamond showed the support, price touched off of it and time to buy, if it broke it by a 1-2 pips i would exit and look for another entry. But i jumped up and grabbed a few more there.


10-when i closed the short at 00 i opened a buy closed at 08 +7
11-priced pushed higher got yellow again stalled at 29 entered at 27 exited 23 +4
12-same exact trade


6-shorted from the previous high of 71, it broke against me, -6
7-high from london was 85area got yellow shorted there and grabbed +3 back
8-yellow again at 00 got in 98 to 94 +4
9- priced againg pushing higer, i opened my hour chart to see the next support area i remembered from last week that the 15 area held support so i let it exhaut itself and shorted and caught the move down to the 00 area where i exited and bought next chart


4-market is ranging, yellow short grabbed a few
5-yellow bought grabded a few more

NY #1, 2 & 3

1-right before the news got yellow 71 was previous support area, entered 70 exit 67.
2-yellow on the push down, entered buy at 58 exited 62.
3- yellow 50sma, entered 52 exited 55

Monday, February 15, 2010


4- priced had moved down then came back up on the pullback, got red and yellow to short, was looking for 00 as an entry got 98 exited 94. +4
5- similar trade priced pushed up started getting yellow, remember the the daily pivot is at 11 got in at 08, exited 02, +6. Now i am finished for the day.

#2 & 3

2- price did come back and reverse off my original trade, i got yellow to short, entered 15 exited on the yellow at 01. +14
3-priced pushed further down got yellow again entered at 91 exited 95. +4.
Market is dead due to Presidents day. Will be calling it a day shortly...

NY #1

1-the daily pivot was at 11 and been hold support so i took a buy off of it, then price went against me more but i started getting yellow telling me that i could reverse back up, i slowly danced around and then looked like it was breaking down more so i exited -7. What can you do.