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Friday, November 27, 2009

late trades

i took a short at 88 close with a loss at 00. Caught a few bounce on the ride up. I came back to the computer and caught these late trades with my GF...


8- yellow to the support at 85 felt a bounce grabbed three and it stalled
9- so i took a shot on a sell like it did on the earlier trade i lost on. Just a feeling this is dropping, price stalled i shorted from 89


5- was a bounce of the 50sma on the 15min chart, (thanks silvio)
6- was a bounce of the recent support yellow
7- was yellow pushed back to the weekly pivot at 94 got executed at 98 and grabbed a few back the other way.


#4, took a quick loss, that it would break down, took the trade off price action, then it broke back up, oh well...i will wait and sit on my hands for a better hp setup


a couple of counter trend trades, just in and out, 2.5 pips the first one 4 on the second one.


yesteray was crazy with the dubia situation and the yen etc. I took a bunch of trades with the trend and a few bounces off key areas. They were based on PA and too much to post. Today might be more of the same. very thin market and could move around alot. So i have decreased my lot size and looking for the most HP setups i can spot.
1- got yellow to short, seems the price is staying around the 4900 area so a short was not a bad play, broke a little against me but the bias i believe is down, so i gave it a little space.

Thursday, November 26, 2009


1- got yellow shorted the previous low was 52 i should have waited, but i got inpatient. I still held this trade as i wanted to see if it broke and held or bounce off the 52 area, it bounce and i was fortunate to get a couple of pips.

2- Once the price stalled up top the trend is obviously down so i was looking to short

Wednesday, November 25, 2009


by the time i could click it got me in late and then tanked, i waited for it to stall and then exited and entered the other direction off the yellow and grab a few more that way. What a great session...


a couple in asia, yellow i will take the pips and run...


14- the session high was 95 it spiked to it heard the alert and i shorted, exited 88 NIce trade to end the day. Nice trade Ryoli..


13- took the yellow, was in this with Adam, i held on a bit longer and got some pips out of it as i figured it might test the recent lows at 79. Had my finger on the trigger...

#12 50sma bounce

we know the trade


8,9,10 the usual trades
11- no signal just felt the price would test the lows again, it did not and i lost a few back but still very up for the session...


7- that was a bumpy ride,


#5,6 yellows and greens for buys


3- yellow short for the previos support
4-after news green to a shot


1- yellow to short, should have held this a few seconds more but it moved against me and i exited instead thinking the trend is UP so buys are in, it recently test 1.5095 10 pips away, i would rather try and catch the reversal up there so i lost 4 only to watch it tank 10 pips from my entry, but
2- i entered a buy once the price got into the zone(price gets between the 10 & 21ema) on the 5min chart. I have marked the chart with Xs to show when the EU gets into a trend it likes to pull back to the zone, The super HP trade is when you get the yellow reversal or green to buy in this case. Which happened on the earlier X's.

Tuesday, November 24, 2009


Asia, 2 wins and a small loss, usual trades..


9- i took a few trades during the fomc and grabbed a few more pips. Caught this last yellow of the day. I was near the computer...


8- on the 5min chart you see the daily pivot at 40 which if you look to the candles to the left there is major support there. Plus you have a 50% FIB at 33 so i was not sure where the bounce would be, so i took a buy at 40 then it drifted down to 33 and i entered again a second position or averaged in which a rarely do now. And made some pips...


#7 got yellow and green to buy, i held this longer then i'd like but i wanted to see if the 50 price held and gave me a bounce to get me BE or with a pip or so. and that is what happened. Yes it could have just kept going. now my next entry is around 40 for a bounce. Lets see...


#6- bounce off the 50sma, on the 5min chart you can see where the X marked the previous low and that low coincided with the 50sma, seemed pretty solid to me for a few pips


1-5 i think the trades are pretty self explanitory. yellow/green buys and yellow shorts, mixed bag, i am up so far but a few loses in there as well.

Monday, November 23, 2009


11- happen to be working on the computer, the recent low was 56, so in this slow low volume market usually this is a real solid trade for a bounce. And it did for a few...


9- was a bounce off the bottom of the 50sma, i lost a pip here, as i just sensed it might go back up,
10- got yellow took the short, this market just is slow and has no vol. Made 3 there.


6-trying to catch the move and the eu has been slooowwww all NY session, missed it
7- yellow tried to catch the bounce
8- finally caught it and made back the pips, the price stalled so i exited there. It happens sometimes but you have to keep taking the setup at key areas. Looking at my 5min charts i should have waited until it tested the lows from earlier.


5- a buy off the bounce of the 50sma


4- bias is up, after news price came back down gave yellow to buy so i did...


3- again a few more same idea as number 2...


2- 87 had been a recent high, priced stalled on a little move up so i took the short off the yellow, i saw the yellow earlier telling a rev might be coming but i wanted a little stronger push up to short. This was counter trend and i grabbed 2


1- Market bias is up, you can see on the 5min chart that support had built up in the circle area around 64/65/66, so when the EU dropped down to that level and i saw yellow saying reversal, i took a buy and timed the entry at 66 exited at 72.