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Wednesday, December 22, 2010

NY #1-5

1-trend is down, shorted off what i saw as some support +5
2-again took a similar short broke against me but i got red and yellow, then came back down, saw +2 but did not take it, thought it was breaking down further, instead reversed back up closed -9
3-surged up shorted again off the yellow, went about 5 against me, thought i was screwed again but it came back and slowly broke down got yellow and exited +11
4-took a buy off the yellow +3
5-shorted into the downmove +4
very very slow session....

Monday, December 20, 2010

Asia #1-7

1-shorted as i felt the move was still down +4
2-similar trade and then i broke up, thought it would stop around 34 or so, so i added it broke more and i exited. -17. This happens sometimes, nothing you can do about it. Have your rules on how you trade and do your best to stick to them.
3-obviously the trend is UP so now looking for pullbacks to buy +13
4-buy +7
5-buy again +5
6-shorted had support here felt it would fall back some, went against me a few but then came my way +5
7-bought off the green into the up move +5


14-now as we get closer to the london close price trying to push a bit higher, i had previous support around the 17 area, got RED, i shorted +5
15-i had support at 30-32area based on the 5min candles, started getting yellow, price stretched i wanted another surge or stretch up to get a better entry, happened to grabe the top, could have gone a few more against me, but the price moved up basically 14 pips i knew i was close to the support at 30-32 early so i shorted again exited at the spine, not knowing if london would bring a higher reversal up. +5.

NY #1-13

I got a late start as i have come down with the flu, feel awful but i wanted to make some pips off this down move...
1-trend is down so i am mainly looking for shorts, shorted off the spine, went a few against me i knew i was with the trend and grabbed +7
2-up again same entry spot, same exit +7
3-again came up got a another short off a little better entry off the RED saying overbought +13
4-bought off the stretch down looking for a pullback up to exit at the spine and short which is what happened +4
5-shorted off the spine exited on yellow +12
6-bought as i happened to get a little better entry off the exit up to the spine and i exited +9
7-shorted at 03 +4
8-shorted at 03 +4
9-shorted at 03 +6
10-shorted, went against me a bit (you never know when it wants to push or test a bit higher on the down move, i held as we were not near the london close yet, +4
11-shorted at 03 +4
12-shorted at 03 RED +4
13-now i was expecting a little higher push up again shorted at what i felt would be support based on the previous entries i had at 10:40, YELLOW, went against me a few and then i exited at where i had been shorting before as there was obviously some s&r there. +4