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Thursday, December 2, 2010


13-trend down for now yellow up to short +6
14-saw support at 12 shorted on the yellow +3
15-saw support at 17 yellow shorted went against me, came back thought it was breaking my way -3
16-price stretched up shorted went against me thought this would come back down and it did +6
17-yellow again wasn't sure if it was going to hit 00 or not got in 03 then bam reversed right on que +5
18-shorted again off the same support area +3


8-yellow waited for a little better entry +2
9-again yellow down at the 58 area, entered another buy +5
10-another buy +6 damn i wish i held this as price went up 90 pips from here!!!
11-shorted off the yellow +2.5
12-saw support at 12 shorted on this big push up surged again, i added +6

NY #1-7

1-50sma coming with support at 52, yellow, i shorted, it paused and then jumped up another 12 pips in a second, i immediately added a positon then is came crashing down +7
2-bought at 50 went a few against me then the uptrend continued +5
3-this was right after the news so a big risky but I took the buy on the yellow once again it paused then jumped up hard again, i immediately added and it fell +2
4-shorted at 99 +5
5-i had supporrt at 80 I bought a bit earlier at 83 +5
6-same trade again +5
7-got green waited for a little better entry and bought into the uptrend +8

Wednesday, December 1, 2010


6-jumped in a short off the downmove went against me again (seems to be the way it goes today) added at the red exited on the yellow +8
7-bought off the exit with the yellow +3.5
8-yellow again i bought +4
9-again i bought went against me but came back +5
10-shorted +6
11-bought off the yellow +5

NY #1-5

Took a few trades earlier, then after the news the price started to drop but i took buys..
1-took a buy at the same spot (white dots) as i had seen support before, i should have grabbed the two and exited but the dow was +200 news was ++ so i thought it was going up. went against me got yellow i added, again slowly went against me i knew 78 held support from the 5min chart and i reluctunately added again. exited +2 stupid just stupid.
2-i shorted into the downmove off the exit +6
3-price stretched down again i bought again went against me added once more exited +4
4-shorted off the entry, then this went against me a few then came back +6
5-bought off the exit -4, should have held as it came right back up.

Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Asia #1-9

1-yellow trend is down short, slow mkt bigger spread, +2
2-same trade +2
3-same trade +5
4-yellow +2.5
5-yellow at the bottom price jumped down real fast +6
6-shorted off the exit into the downmove +6
7-yellow again, price was push, i let it exhaust itself and bought +4
8-yellow again went against me a bit +2.5
9-i remembered 02 earlier was some nice s/r area +7


17-came back on doing some work saw trend again was down, heard yellow alert +3
18-took a buy again off the yellow at 00 exited at the 08 +8
19-saw the recent highs white dot was 14 so when price moved there i shorted it, slowly it started moving down, i got busy doing work and then closed it at 00 +13
20-price continued to fall got yellow remembered earlier 95 was a good spot +4
21-dropped further yellow again took a shot at 89 +2, did not trust the up move too much as it was falling looking to hit the lows of 70 my guess.
22-again more yellow price stretched got in 85, went against me almost closed it but came back out 89 +4
23-then price pulled up gave me yellow to short into the down move at the same spot 89 as before exited the lows. +10


13-shorted +5
14-same trade exited at the support area at 15 +10
15-got yellow bought, london is coming to a close this usually like to reverse back the direction it came from as orders get closed out. +14
16-shorted off the 32 where i had earlier, had yellow, did not take my pips and run instead held thinking this would eventually tank back down price went vertical against me got yellow again so i held the trade and closed it right before i went to the gym as i got yellow again. +10.
did a bunch more trades in the afternoon while I was doing other work similar to these trades... 


4-shorted off the exit looking for a retest down until i get yellow but it reversed up against me so i waited to see if it would test 00 again exited +1.5
5-jumped in another short again it went against me got out with +1 just trying to manage the trades.
6-yellow i shorted but it kept going, i felt pretty strong that this would reverse back my way as i was getting yellow price went vertical i quickly added and then watched it fall +6
7-jumped in a buy as it seemed the trend had now moved to an upward bias, saw some ++ pips but did not take them as I was thinking a big surge was coming to test the 30's/40's area. instead it reversed against me -5
8- again took another buy went against -5 as heard green indicator go off saying it would reverse back up right when i closed the trade and damn sure as shit it went back up 5 pips and could have gotten me out. Oh well..
9-now i am waiting on a great set up. price kept falling again right back to recent lows got yellow and i bought +7
10-damn trend looked down again took a short and went against me -3
11-waited for yellow got it shorted +6
12-jumped in a buy off the exit +6  

NY #1-3

I came on and saw the trend had been done so immediately i am looking for pullbacks to short into this down move.
1-yellow, short at 00 +2
2-started reversing back up after testing the lows at 70 got yellow jumped in a short at 08 went against me i added when i saw the price start to stall around 15/16, then it tanked exited at 96 +16
3-bought off the stretch of price, i remembered it stalled at 02 so i exited there. +6