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Wednesday, December 22, 2010

NY #1-5

1-trend is down, shorted off what i saw as some support +5
2-again took a similar short broke against me but i got red and yellow, then came back down, saw +2 but did not take it, thought it was breaking down further, instead reversed back up closed -9
3-surged up shorted again off the yellow, went about 5 against me, thought i was screwed again but it came back and slowly broke down got yellow and exited +11
4-took a buy off the yellow +3
5-shorted into the downmove +4
very very slow session....

Monday, December 20, 2010

Asia #1-7

1-shorted as i felt the move was still down +4
2-similar trade and then i broke up, thought it would stop around 34 or so, so i added it broke more and i exited. -17. This happens sometimes, nothing you can do about it. Have your rules on how you trade and do your best to stick to them.
3-obviously the trend is UP so now looking for pullbacks to buy +13
4-buy +7
5-buy again +5
6-shorted had support here felt it would fall back some, went against me a few but then came my way +5
7-bought off the green into the up move +5


14-now as we get closer to the london close price trying to push a bit higher, i had previous support around the 17 area, got RED, i shorted +5
15-i had support at 30-32area based on the 5min candles, started getting yellow, price stretched i wanted another surge or stretch up to get a better entry, happened to grabe the top, could have gone a few more against me, but the price moved up basically 14 pips i knew i was close to the support at 30-32 early so i shorted again exited at the spine, not knowing if london would bring a higher reversal up. +5.

NY #1-13

I got a late start as i have come down with the flu, feel awful but i wanted to make some pips off this down move...
1-trend is down so i am mainly looking for shorts, shorted off the spine, went a few against me i knew i was with the trend and grabbed +7
2-up again same entry spot, same exit +7
3-again came up got a another short off a little better entry off the RED saying overbought +13
4-bought off the stretch down looking for a pullback up to exit at the spine and short which is what happened +4
5-shorted off the spine exited on yellow +12
6-bought as i happened to get a little better entry off the exit up to the spine and i exited +9
7-shorted at 03 +4
8-shorted at 03 +4
9-shorted at 03 +6
10-shorted, went against me a bit (you never know when it wants to push or test a bit higher on the down move, i held as we were not near the london close yet, +4
11-shorted at 03 +4
12-shorted at 03 RED +4
13-now i was expecting a little higher push up again shorted at what i felt would be support based on the previous entries i had at 10:40, YELLOW, went against me a few and then i exited at where i had been shorting before as there was obviously some s&r there. +4

Thursday, December 16, 2010

Some Asia.

trend is up taking buys off the spine.  Wish every session was this clear....

Tuesday, December 14, 2010


10-after the news price pushed down to the lows got yellow took the buy, broke against me i exited -5
11-but i saw on the 15min charts that there was good support here so i jumped back in a buy +6
12-shorted off the exit only to watch it finally go back up, but i knew the trend was down so i waited +6
13-bought off the exit +5
14-seems the 81 area was holding some support so i shorted there +3
15-shorted again +6
16-same trade except i got red shorted +6 

NY #1-9

1-trend is down shorted off the short on the 5min chart. +6
2-took the buy off the stall, i should have exited held looking for a test of 14 again to short, but instead went away from me, i added a position on the stretch down, exit at the previous high +5
3-shorted off the exit +8
4-yellow bought exited at 00 +9
5-shorted again into the downtrend off the exit, closed on the stall stupidddddd +7
6-bought off the yellow +6
7-shorted off the exit which was the low before to the left +10
8-bought off the bottom +8
9-shorted again +3

Monday, December 13, 2010


Trend is obviously up, keep taking buys on the pullbacks downs, give yourself 7-10 on the sl.

Wednesday, December 8, 2010


11-yellow buy went a few against me, seems the trend is changing +3
12-saw on the 5min 28 was my spot to buy, priced stretched to it i bought +6 should have shorted off the exit. GRRRRR
13-up to 28 i shorted went against me i added at 34 exited +2.5
14 -missed the buy off the yellow took the short into this downmove exited the yellow +12
15-bought off the exit on the yellow +7
16-bought again off the test of the low went against me thought it might break lower exit quick +1
Did a bunch more trades similar to these... 

NY #1-10

1-yellow short +5 should have bought off the exit
2-yellow again, short +5 again should have bought off the exit
3-took a buy off the recent support +6
4-bought again off the same spot went against me, spiked up really quick +1, only to watch it fly up damnnn.
5-shorted off the yellow and stretch of price. I added then exited +3
6-bought off the spine +5
7-shorted off the yellow +5
8-bought off the spine +4
9-again bought went against me then came back as I was with the trend, exited +3
10-same trade +3

Tuesday, December 7, 2010


7-price pulled back and i shorted into the downmove again +10
8-same trade RED to short, i thought this was going to stall and possible rev. took +4 instead it went way down.
9-bought off the yellow and the support on the 5min chart +5
10-shorted again off the exit into the downmove a quick +5
11-bought again +5
12-shorted but quick strikes +3
13-bought as i felt it might rev back up some +3
14-shorted again +2.5
15-last trade 1/2 before the london close bought off the bottom and I felt that the london close would move this back up some +16.

NY #1-6

1-yellow bought quick +7
2-shorted into the downmove +7 again
3-waited to see if it pushed lower, got more yellow, bought once price found a little support +8
4-shortef off the exit, did not take my pips, move up against me stretched straight up i added there then went further against me i felt this was coming down.  Got distracted when i came back price had tanked +20 (sometimes you get a break your way)
5-bought off the yellow +3
6-again price stretche down and I bought +4 

Monday, December 6, 2010


14-yellow buy, priced stretched away from me i added really fast off the fall rev up -1
15-again took the buy off the recent low +5
this last trade was a little out of my session.


7-yellow short +5
8-yellow short +7
9-yellow short +6
10-yellow buy go impatient BE
11-yellow buy +5
12-shorted off the previous support area to the left +3.5
13-missed the yellow short(answering the door) took the next short off the same area +7

NY #1-6

1-yellow buy, went a few against me +5
2-yellow to short into the mini dowmove +6
3-priced stretched i bought and exited at my earlier entry +7(should have shorted again there)
4-yellow shorted, did not take my pips right away, thinking it would come down, instead kept going went -10 against me almost added but decided to hold and see if this cycled back down +9
5-got yellow bought +8
6-yellow again +5

Thursday, December 2, 2010


13-trend down for now yellow up to short +6
14-saw support at 12 shorted on the yellow +3
15-saw support at 17 yellow shorted went against me, came back thought it was breaking my way -3
16-price stretched up shorted went against me thought this would come back down and it did +6
17-yellow again wasn't sure if it was going to hit 00 or not got in 03 then bam reversed right on que +5
18-shorted again off the same support area +3


8-yellow waited for a little better entry +2
9-again yellow down at the 58 area, entered another buy +5
10-another buy +6 damn i wish i held this as price went up 90 pips from here!!!
11-shorted off the yellow +2.5
12-saw support at 12 shorted on this big push up surged again, i added +6

NY #1-7

1-50sma coming with support at 52, yellow, i shorted, it paused and then jumped up another 12 pips in a second, i immediately added a positon then is came crashing down +7
2-bought at 50 went a few against me then the uptrend continued +5
3-this was right after the news so a big risky but I took the buy on the yellow once again it paused then jumped up hard again, i immediately added and it fell +2
4-shorted at 99 +5
5-i had supporrt at 80 I bought a bit earlier at 83 +5
6-same trade again +5
7-got green waited for a little better entry and bought into the uptrend +8

Wednesday, December 1, 2010


6-jumped in a short off the downmove went against me again (seems to be the way it goes today) added at the red exited on the yellow +8
7-bought off the exit with the yellow +3.5
8-yellow again i bought +4
9-again i bought went against me but came back +5
10-shorted +6
11-bought off the yellow +5

NY #1-5

Took a few trades earlier, then after the news the price started to drop but i took buys..
1-took a buy at the same spot (white dots) as i had seen support before, i should have grabbed the two and exited but the dow was +200 news was ++ so i thought it was going up. went against me got yellow i added, again slowly went against me i knew 78 held support from the 5min chart and i reluctunately added again. exited +2 stupid just stupid.
2-i shorted into the downmove off the exit +6
3-price stretched down again i bought again went against me added once more exited +4
4-shorted off the entry, then this went against me a few then came back +6
5-bought off the exit -4, should have held as it came right back up.

Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Asia #1-9

1-yellow trend is down short, slow mkt bigger spread, +2
2-same trade +2
3-same trade +5
4-yellow +2.5
5-yellow at the bottom price jumped down real fast +6
6-shorted off the exit into the downmove +6
7-yellow again, price was push, i let it exhaust itself and bought +4
8-yellow again went against me a bit +2.5
9-i remembered 02 earlier was some nice s/r area +7


17-came back on doing some work saw trend again was down, heard yellow alert +3
18-took a buy again off the yellow at 00 exited at the 08 +8
19-saw the recent highs white dot was 14 so when price moved there i shorted it, slowly it started moving down, i got busy doing work and then closed it at 00 +13
20-price continued to fall got yellow remembered earlier 95 was a good spot +4
21-dropped further yellow again took a shot at 89 +2, did not trust the up move too much as it was falling looking to hit the lows of 70 my guess.
22-again more yellow price stretched got in 85, went against me almost closed it but came back out 89 +4
23-then price pulled up gave me yellow to short into the down move at the same spot 89 as before exited the lows. +10


13-shorted +5
14-same trade exited at the support area at 15 +10
15-got yellow bought, london is coming to a close this usually like to reverse back the direction it came from as orders get closed out. +14
16-shorted off the 32 where i had earlier, had yellow, did not take my pips and run instead held thinking this would eventually tank back down price went vertical against me got yellow again so i held the trade and closed it right before i went to the gym as i got yellow again. +10.
did a bunch more trades in the afternoon while I was doing other work similar to these trades... 


4-shorted off the exit looking for a retest down until i get yellow but it reversed up against me so i waited to see if it would test 00 again exited +1.5
5-jumped in another short again it went against me got out with +1 just trying to manage the trades.
6-yellow i shorted but it kept going, i felt pretty strong that this would reverse back my way as i was getting yellow price went vertical i quickly added and then watched it fall +6
7-jumped in a buy as it seemed the trend had now moved to an upward bias, saw some ++ pips but did not take them as I was thinking a big surge was coming to test the 30's/40's area. instead it reversed against me -5
8- again took another buy went against -5 as heard green indicator go off saying it would reverse back up right when i closed the trade and damn sure as shit it went back up 5 pips and could have gotten me out. Oh well..
9-now i am waiting on a great set up. price kept falling again right back to recent lows got yellow and i bought +7
10-damn trend looked down again took a short and went against me -3
11-waited for yellow got it shorted +6
12-jumped in a buy off the exit +6  

NY #1-3

I came on and saw the trend had been done so immediately i am looking for pullbacks to short into this down move.
1-yellow, short at 00 +2
2-started reversing back up after testing the lows at 70 got yellow jumped in a short at 08 went against me i added when i saw the price start to stall around 15/16, then it tanked exited at 96 +16
3-bought off the stretch of price, i remembered it stalled at 02 so i exited there. +6

Friday, November 26, 2010


26-earlier 56 was the spot started getting yellow, waited and entered, exited +7
27-bought into this upmove +7
28-shorted again off the high thinking here ant 61/62 is support +6
29-then i waited until yellow at 62 and shorted 62 +6
30-saw the 47 as support area from earlier and bought there (got green to buy) up to 50 to exit +2
31-next target was 36 to buy, started getting yellow, i entered a buy then it pushed to 31 (remember that from earlier) which was also the top of the 50sma on the 5min so i added and then exited +2.


21-Yellow buy at 21 exited spine +6
22-shorted off the exit +7
23-bought at 11 again +3
24-price stretched to 11 shorted +3
25-shorted at 21 added at 31, went against me but i was with the trend and took a loss as it continued to reverse up.  Trading is not a perfect science. -10


12-saw a reversal hammer form on 5min from the push down so i thought price might try to push up higher so i wanted to wait on yellow telling me OB and to short. Got yellow, shorted and exited at the spine +8
13-same trade +8
14-price pushed higher, was going to enter at 31(my area from earlier) i had yellow but I got distracted did not short at 31 but it stretched higher to the 37 area from earlier and I shorted there, went against me but i had the 50sma coming in play at 43 so i added there. Exited at the spine +5
15-priced dropped to 31 again and went up to 37 then came back down to 31 where i bought exited at 37 +6
16-price hit the 50sma i shorted exited at 37 +5
17-bought again at 31 exited the spine, should have waited for 37 +4
18-took the buy on the stretch down exited at 31 +5
19-got yellow again at 43 50sma and i shorted again should have held to 37 but it was quick +3
20-shorted once again off the high +4. SHOULD HAVE HELD THIS as it dropped back to 11 IDIOT!!!

London #1-11

I could not sleep, saw on the news this Korean issue and looked at the charts and saw that there was a lot of volume so i started trading and taking shorts and buys at key areas. Took a hell of a lot of trades. Here are some of the last few i took over the last 2 hours or so.

1-shorts were in play is price stretched up got yellow and i shorted i went a few against me then came down +7
2-pulled up to the spine and shorted again +5
3-priced leveled off and i bought exited at the spine +5
4-and shorted into the downmove +6
5-saw support at 31 got yellow took the buy exited at the spine +4
6-and shorted +4
7-next support was at 21 I got yellow and bought, went a few against me +4
8-my next support was at 11, priced stretched to it and got yellow and i bought +7
9-priced hit the bottom of 21 and I shorted into the down move exited at the support +9
10-priced stretched i jumped in a buy at 06 stalled then broke to 00 i added (against the trend a big NO NO for me) thinking i would come and test the bottom of 11, which it did and i exited +7
11-shorted again at 21 and exited at 11 +10

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

NY #1-12

1-5min trend had been up so price pulled back down got yellow saying OS so i bought, dropped a bit more but i felt this would still reverse back up to pay me so i added another position again with the trend direction +3
2-again yellow took the buy, went a few against me but i held, price got through the spine of the rainbow the white 156 wma, i exited +5
3-shorted off the exit into this semit downtrend and again went a couple against me then turned and dropped +5.
4-i waited to see where it was going next, stretche up and i entered a short into at the same location as earlier and exited the spine +4
5-priced dropped further on the stretched down and i bought bascially at the lows from a few minutes before, this also went against me but i held and exited at the spine again +3
6-went a bit higher and i shorted into the downtrend exited the spine +3
7-took the buy again off the recent lows and it spiked really fast up and exited(should have shorted off the exit)  +7
8-priced pushed lower took another buy and again price spiked up really fast, i exited +6
9-and shorted this time +4
10-price pushed a bit lower yellow(50sma 5min) i took another buy, this also went against me almost closed it then came back exited +1.5 just to get out.
11-yellow again took the buy looking for price to go back to the 50sma and get rejected then short into this down trend +4
12-shorted off the exit this also went against me but i felt the 50sma would hold this in check so i added a position plus this is at the end of my London/NY session  +4

Tuesday, November 23, 2010


13-trend still down, shorted at the support at 22, missed the exit went against me a few then came back +2
14-started getting yellow shorted at 33 WISHED I WOULD HAVE HELD THIS, +6
15-took the buy at the 15 +5
16-yellow took buy -4
17-again took the buy off yellow, went against me came up and exited 0
18-took another buy off where i thought the bottom was +5
19-shorted into the down move +4

NY #1-12

1-trend is down price pulled back down up got red i shorted at 52 had support at 43 exited +8
2-entered the buy off the support +3
3-got yellow bought, counter trade -3.5
4-yellow again priced stretched bought +6
5-shorted into the downtrend off the exit of #4 +6 again
6-had support at 16 i bought +5
7-and shorted again into the downmove +5.5
8-bought again on the stretch of price at 02 +6
9-and shorted looking for a push to 00 where i exited +8
10-got yellow bought again exited the spine +4
11-shorted again off the exit +4
12-shorted again at the support at 10 and yellow, went against me i added at the support and it dropped +5

Monday, November 22, 2010

#33 & 33

32-market is thinner now and the spread a bit bigger so i decreased my lots size in half. But earlier 21&26 was an area where price had found support, when price stretched to 21 i jumped in a short saw a pip profit then it jumped up to 26, I decided to hold it and see if it came back some exited +2
33-took the buy off the exit feeling we are going back up only to watch this trade go against me as well, knew 08 was a solid support area from earlier so i added there then finally after bouncing around i exited at the same entry point as earlier +3


27-i had support at 83 on my 5min charts took the buy +3.5
28-same trade but held it a bit longer as one of my indicators told me some divergence was forming +7
29-priced moved up a bit more and shorted into the down move a quick +3.
30-same trade as #27 +3.5
31-jumped in a buy I should have waited for yellow +3
I should be done for a little bit.  Fighting the flu...    


22-london closed, dow started rolling more negative took the buy again at 00 +2
23-was getting yellow, at this point I was not sure where to enter but thought 89/90 was a good spot got in at 90, went a bit a against me exited at the spine +3.5
24-shorted at the spine into the down move again went a bit against me and exited at my earlier entry spot +3.5
25-then it broke down hard i had 79 as the resistance on the 5min chart got yellow so i bought there +9
26-shorted again at 90 +2 


14-i had support on the 5min at 06 priced stretched to it got yellow and took a quick +2
15-same trade, yellow, except i targeted the 00 as entry +3.5
16-shorted off the spine and my resistance area at 06 into the downtrend exited at 00 +6
17-priced stretched again, yellow, bought +7 
18-started getting red for reversal, also getting close to the london close so i waited for a little better entry +7
19-bought off the exit +3
20-pushed lower got yellow past my time to trade but took a quick buy +3
21-price reversed back up but earlier the 21 area had shown support got yellow and could not resistance a quick short into the downtrend for +4 


5-dow started rolling down neg from -35 then went to -60 and price started dropping again, i got yellow but waited and took the buy off the previous support at 32, again it went against me then came back i exited BE and
6-shorted into the downmove as the support at 32 became the resistance +4
7-shorted off the spine +4
8-price stretched took a buy exited the spine +5
9-shorted off the spine again exited at the earlier entry +5
10-thought the price might try and move back up to my entry place on trade #8 which now is the resistance area at 25 so i shorted there into the downmove took another +5
11-price stretched again to my earlier entry spot at 14 took the buy and exited at my previous spot on trade #10 +5
12-shorted again into the downmove off the spine and took +5
13-price stretched down to the lows of earlier and i took a quick buy +2

NY #1-4

1-Trend is down, red, short +6
2-yellow bought off the resisatance i saw on the 5min chart +3.5
3-small penetration of the spine and shorted into the downtrend, it got away from me but i was with the trend so i held it exited +1.5
4-again shorted into the down trend off the support that was created earlier, the dow at this time had been -55 then went -35 and price started moving back up, I had resistance at 59 so i added a position there,my BE price was 50 exited +3  

Thursday, November 11, 2010

5Min chart, reading the chart, bounces and entries...

the checks mark various entries. some produce good pips others just a few and a couple go against you a little.   This is just another example of another session.

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

15min chart, spotting areas where price has found support...

I have marked up this chart to show you where price has found support and been rejected so when the price heads up or down you can look at your 15m chart and say ok if it pushes there i am looking for a rejection

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

NY & Asia

Pretty simple chart reading again these are the same patterns we see over and over on the EU.  I did not take all these entries but some of them.  

Monday, October 25, 2010

Pre Asia: Happened to sit down on the computer heard the audio alerts going off. Pulled up the charts real fast which were in sleep mode and started jumping in on this thin but active market. Looking for the same trades as always, price stretching to or just past key areas.
1-Had the pivot at 29, stretched past it got in on the buy and yellow at 25, exited +3.5
2-shorted off the pivot into the down move exited at 25 +4
3-priced pulled back up and i shorted again at 30 +15
4-bought off the stretch +2.5
5-next support was at 09 bought +2.5 should have held...
6-got red and shorted into this down move, quick +4
7-shorted off red again at 24 +7

NY, 5 min chart a bunch of trades

Arrows market entries, not all perfect

Friday, October 22, 2010

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Reversal pattern again

5 Min Chart

Trend is down price pulls back up to short into the downmove.  keep a 5-7sl.  And keep shorting this.  extremely easy money yesterday and today.

Friday, October 15, 2010

5min chart..

this is part two of the afternoon NY session, i took some of these trades again just highlight key bounce and support areas to trade off of.  The charts do not lie, these are the exact same areas that appear every single day on the EU to trade off of.     
Here are some of the entries marked by arrows.  I took more trades then this but the arrows give a good idea where my entries where and why.

Friday, October 8, 2010


there are many opps to take bounce trades.  There are a few that you would take a loss on with a tight 3-5 SL.  but that is part of the business.  If You take these Key bounce trades every single day you will be successful at trading.  Again the key is to keep taking the trades.  Just because you lose one does not mean you are going to the lose the next 8 trades, KEEP TRADING!!!