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Friday, November 20, 2009


last trade of the week, yellow short, went a little against me then came my way and out with 5. Have a great weekend lets get some partication going in here.


11- again pulled up the support area at 64 where it hit a few times earlier, had yellow waited for a price stall and shorted, grabbed a few more to add to the total.

A quick note, we all struggle with holding on to trades, wanting to strike quick and fast in and out which is great, but you, me all of us need to recognize when we are in a trade that has a HP chance of paying us nice. So have a bit more patience, what is the worse case scenerio you lose a few pips instead of banking them vs. more times then not if you have patience you will get more pips from winning entries, instead of closing the winners to soon and the losers to late. I know, easier said then done but again it comes back to recognize you are in a HP setup and let it develope. All of us can do this and make your dreams happen, some of us are new some old but we are all on the same journey. Start participating in the blogs and forums, ask questions, point things out, post your trades, be active and KEEPING F****** TAKING YOUR TRADES!!!!!


9-took a shot as this was ranging and it kept hitting this level, it broke got yellow exit and
10- shorted, broke a bit higher but came back down to get me out with +1.


felt the bias is still down took the short as price dipped under the tma at 50, rode it down was hoping for a big push but got yellow and green telling me a stall or reversal so i heard the alert go off, closed the trade and entered the other way with one click and grabbed a few the other way. Me likey these kind of trades..


sorry been a bit busy this morning a mixed bag, as the EU is deciding to go down to 4750 or not. So a bunch of scalps, some loses in the mix but to be expected. I am following the indacators as best as possible...


50sma bounce you've seen it before caught this for a quick 5

Thursday, November 19, 2009





same trades but the market did not go up took a loss


same trade as #1 yellow to short and pocketed a few more


bias is down got yellow after the news, priced formed a double top (white dots) to i shorted and grabbed a few. Good start to the day...

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

50sma bounce trade

how about a nice easy timed short off the 50sma...


the bounce off the weekly pivot just like earlier...


same the bias is down or short, so let the indicators take you in red(white dots) SELL...


EJ, the trend is clearly up just look at the 5min chart now use the indicators on the tic chart to take you in the direction of the bias, green(white dots)= buy....


took a lose looked like it was breaking back up it reversed and i lost a few.


#13 the bounce off the weekly pivot


price above the tma, looked good for a buy,the white dot was the s.l a break of that and i exit. I am tweaking a new indicator i am using and this kept me in the trade until it stalled


then the damn mkt exploded up, i was waiting for the dow to open but this was pushing up and stalling so i figured i could jump in quick with tight s/l in place and grab 1-3 a trade depending on execution so that is what i did, really just a reaction. I see the price moving strong and know there will be a pause to grab a few, if not exit minus a few BUT KEEP TRADING!!!!


caught this quick short as the mkt bias seemed down to me


#6, a break up above the tma
#7, a break of the support area
#8, yellow reversal


yellow=buy rode it up to the weekly pivot on the 5min chart


quick scalps off the news, in and out, price got above the tma for the buy and below for the short, missed a few other opps.


#1, yellow off the short,
#2 a quick bouncd i timed off the 50sma, in and out fast

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

50sma bounce trade


took this last one with a friend with big lots and rode it down, thought we would see 18 and we both exited there. I am still in the camp that 4750 might come today. But what a nice day trading and it is only tuesday. Hello......


white dots show the indicator screaming SHORT!!!!!! Let the rainbow take you in...


#5 The bias is down, took the first short at 61 and when it broke it higher i exited small loss but HELLO

#6 again i got back into the short market and rode this down, once it hit the previous low i exited hlaf my position then i let the other half run. I saw on my 4hr chart the first support area was at 29ish, sometimes it blast past it for more other times it only comes close. Any way as it started to stall i closed another position. Nice trade....


#1similar trades you have seen a bounce off the 50sma, yellow for entry, the bias of the EU is down. like always could of should of held.

#2 market is pushing down, looking for quick counter trend trades, timing the entries off the yellow and as the PA stalls,

#3 same

#4 same

Monday, November 16, 2009

Asia #1

priced had pushed up then started to retrace, i missed an earlier buy, then i waited and figured the best HP trade would be a bounce off the 50sma, i got in at 77 rode it up and got out at 83.


white dots show the support a break of that would be the s.l.


quick buy off the yellow grab a pip LOL


took a continuation trade buy that did not continue


#6 took a buy off the yellow similar to my first trade today...


#2 saw yellow counter trend tight sl. lost a few

#3 same trade, made it back

#4 felt bias was still up took a buy it broke against me so i lost a few

#5 again felt bias was up, it eventually went up but i did not take profit thinking it was breaking higher again took a loss


#1 trend is up, after the news price gave me yellow to enter a buy to go long...