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Friday, November 26, 2010


26-earlier 56 was the spot started getting yellow, waited and entered, exited +7
27-bought into this upmove +7
28-shorted again off the high thinking here ant 61/62 is support +6
29-then i waited until yellow at 62 and shorted 62 +6
30-saw the 47 as support area from earlier and bought there (got green to buy) up to 50 to exit +2
31-next target was 36 to buy, started getting yellow, i entered a buy then it pushed to 31 (remember that from earlier) which was also the top of the 50sma on the 5min so i added and then exited +2.


21-Yellow buy at 21 exited spine +6
22-shorted off the exit +7
23-bought at 11 again +3
24-price stretched to 11 shorted +3
25-shorted at 21 added at 31, went against me but i was with the trend and took a loss as it continued to reverse up.  Trading is not a perfect science. -10


12-saw a reversal hammer form on 5min from the push down so i thought price might try to push up higher so i wanted to wait on yellow telling me OB and to short. Got yellow, shorted and exited at the spine +8
13-same trade +8
14-price pushed higher, was going to enter at 31(my area from earlier) i had yellow but I got distracted did not short at 31 but it stretched higher to the 37 area from earlier and I shorted there, went against me but i had the 50sma coming in play at 43 so i added there. Exited at the spine +5
15-priced dropped to 31 again and went up to 37 then came back down to 31 where i bought exited at 37 +6
16-price hit the 50sma i shorted exited at 37 +5
17-bought again at 31 exited the spine, should have waited for 37 +4
18-took the buy on the stretch down exited at 31 +5
19-got yellow again at 43 50sma and i shorted again should have held to 37 but it was quick +3
20-shorted once again off the high +4. SHOULD HAVE HELD THIS as it dropped back to 11 IDIOT!!!

London #1-11

I could not sleep, saw on the news this Korean issue and looked at the charts and saw that there was a lot of volume so i started trading and taking shorts and buys at key areas. Took a hell of a lot of trades. Here are some of the last few i took over the last 2 hours or so.

1-shorts were in play is price stretched up got yellow and i shorted i went a few against me then came down +7
2-pulled up to the spine and shorted again +5
3-priced leveled off and i bought exited at the spine +5
4-and shorted into the downmove +6
5-saw support at 31 got yellow took the buy exited at the spine +4
6-and shorted +4
7-next support was at 21 I got yellow and bought, went a few against me +4
8-my next support was at 11, priced stretched to it and got yellow and i bought +7
9-priced hit the bottom of 21 and I shorted into the down move exited at the support +9
10-priced stretched i jumped in a buy at 06 stalled then broke to 00 i added (against the trend a big NO NO for me) thinking i would come and test the bottom of 11, which it did and i exited +7
11-shorted again at 21 and exited at 11 +10

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

NY #1-12

1-5min trend had been up so price pulled back down got yellow saying OS so i bought, dropped a bit more but i felt this would still reverse back up to pay me so i added another position again with the trend direction +3
2-again yellow took the buy, went a few against me but i held, price got through the spine of the rainbow the white 156 wma, i exited +5
3-shorted off the exit into this semit downtrend and again went a couple against me then turned and dropped +5.
4-i waited to see where it was going next, stretche up and i entered a short into at the same location as earlier and exited the spine +4
5-priced dropped further on the stretched down and i bought bascially at the lows from a few minutes before, this also went against me but i held and exited at the spine again +3
6-went a bit higher and i shorted into the downtrend exited the spine +3
7-took the buy again off the recent lows and it spiked really fast up and exited(should have shorted off the exit)  +7
8-priced pushed lower took another buy and again price spiked up really fast, i exited +6
9-and shorted this time +4
10-price pushed a bit lower yellow(50sma 5min) i took another buy, this also went against me almost closed it then came back exited +1.5 just to get out.
11-yellow again took the buy looking for price to go back to the 50sma and get rejected then short into this down trend +4
12-shorted off the exit this also went against me but i felt the 50sma would hold this in check so i added a position plus this is at the end of my London/NY session  +4

Tuesday, November 23, 2010


13-trend still down, shorted at the support at 22, missed the exit went against me a few then came back +2
14-started getting yellow shorted at 33 WISHED I WOULD HAVE HELD THIS, +6
15-took the buy at the 15 +5
16-yellow took buy -4
17-again took the buy off yellow, went against me came up and exited 0
18-took another buy off where i thought the bottom was +5
19-shorted into the down move +4

NY #1-12

1-trend is down price pulled back down up got red i shorted at 52 had support at 43 exited +8
2-entered the buy off the support +3
3-got yellow bought, counter trade -3.5
4-yellow again priced stretched bought +6
5-shorted into the downtrend off the exit of #4 +6 again
6-had support at 16 i bought +5
7-and shorted again into the downmove +5.5
8-bought again on the stretch of price at 02 +6
9-and shorted looking for a push to 00 where i exited +8
10-got yellow bought again exited the spine +4
11-shorted again off the exit +4
12-shorted again at the support at 10 and yellow, went against me i added at the support and it dropped +5

Monday, November 22, 2010

#33 & 33

32-market is thinner now and the spread a bit bigger so i decreased my lots size in half. But earlier 21&26 was an area where price had found support, when price stretched to 21 i jumped in a short saw a pip profit then it jumped up to 26, I decided to hold it and see if it came back some exited +2
33-took the buy off the exit feeling we are going back up only to watch this trade go against me as well, knew 08 was a solid support area from earlier so i added there then finally after bouncing around i exited at the same entry point as earlier +3


27-i had support at 83 on my 5min charts took the buy +3.5
28-same trade but held it a bit longer as one of my indicators told me some divergence was forming +7
29-priced moved up a bit more and shorted into the down move a quick +3.
30-same trade as #27 +3.5
31-jumped in a buy I should have waited for yellow +3
I should be done for a little bit.  Fighting the flu...    


22-london closed, dow started rolling more negative took the buy again at 00 +2
23-was getting yellow, at this point I was not sure where to enter but thought 89/90 was a good spot got in at 90, went a bit a against me exited at the spine +3.5
24-shorted at the spine into the down move again went a bit against me and exited at my earlier entry spot +3.5
25-then it broke down hard i had 79 as the resistance on the 5min chart got yellow so i bought there +9
26-shorted again at 90 +2 


14-i had support on the 5min at 06 priced stretched to it got yellow and took a quick +2
15-same trade, yellow, except i targeted the 00 as entry +3.5
16-shorted off the spine and my resistance area at 06 into the downtrend exited at 00 +6
17-priced stretched again, yellow, bought +7 
18-started getting red for reversal, also getting close to the london close so i waited for a little better entry +7
19-bought off the exit +3
20-pushed lower got yellow past my time to trade but took a quick buy +3
21-price reversed back up but earlier the 21 area had shown support got yellow and could not resistance a quick short into the downtrend for +4 


5-dow started rolling down neg from -35 then went to -60 and price started dropping again, i got yellow but waited and took the buy off the previous support at 32, again it went against me then came back i exited BE and
6-shorted into the downmove as the support at 32 became the resistance +4
7-shorted off the spine +4
8-price stretched took a buy exited the spine +5
9-shorted off the spine again exited at the earlier entry +5
10-thought the price might try and move back up to my entry place on trade #8 which now is the resistance area at 25 so i shorted there into the downmove took another +5
11-price stretched again to my earlier entry spot at 14 took the buy and exited at my previous spot on trade #10 +5
12-shorted again into the downmove off the spine and took +5
13-price stretched down to the lows of earlier and i took a quick buy +2

NY #1-4

1-Trend is down, red, short +6
2-yellow bought off the resisatance i saw on the 5min chart +3.5
3-small penetration of the spine and shorted into the downtrend, it got away from me but i was with the trend so i held it exited +1.5
4-again shorted into the down trend off the support that was created earlier, the dow at this time had been -55 then went -35 and price started moving back up, I had resistance at 59 so i added a position there,my BE price was 50 exited +3