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Friday, January 28, 2011

NY 5 Min Chart...

What a great session over 100+ pips.  Hope you can understand the chart...

Thursday, January 27, 2011

NY 5 Min Chart...

1-trend is up pullback to buy, i took the trade off the R1 line, it went against me then eventually came back +7
2-i saw the previous pullback was NOT respecting the R1 line so i let the price pullback into the zone (space between the 10/21ema) +8
3-took the buy off the 50sma +3
4-took the bounce trade off the DM4 line +6
5-shorted into the down move +5
6-took the short again off the 50sma +2.5 
7-Bounce off the R1 +5
8-50sma trade +5.5
9-short off the M4 recent highs +5
10-bought off the R1 -1
11-took the buy off the 28 50sma went against me came back -1
12-shorted off the exit at 27 +8
13-bought  at 13 added at 07 off the further stretch, price stretched back up and exited +3
14-shorted off the M3 +2.5 should have held. oh well.
15-shorted again into this downmove off the same spot it stalled at 10 minutes before top +4
There were a few trades in there that were quick in and outs and 2 small loses that i could not mark as well.  But were minimum  and washed each other out. All done for this session..

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

FOMC trades...

how i traded the fomc off the tic
1-i had support on the 5min chart at 93, so yellow shorted there +8
2-another surge up to the next support at 03 +12
3-same trade +18
it went up again and tested the same exact area but it thought it was going to break and go higher so i did not take the next short at 04.
4-bought at 65, went against me added at 49 got out +2
5-that the trend was now down shorted again at 65 went 6 against me came back got out +1

5min chart..a quick read on the session..on most of my entries

Trend started to go down so i looked to short and take key bounces!!! then it starting rev back up, again managed the money on the trades, then took bounces off the 50sma. price went higher, then looked for pullbacks to buy and then more key areas to bounce.  

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

5min chart...

1-shorted off the recent range high the previous check mark, - 5, now looking for the trend to stall and pullback to buy.
2-the M3 is holding the buys for now +7
3-buy again +9
4-shorted off the top +6
5-took the buy again, added at the pivot +3
6-price kept falling took the buy at the fib added on the push just past the 50sma got to BE then turned -2
This is difficult to trade when a trend starts and then falls apart but it can be managed.

Monday, January 24, 2011

5min chart..

Arrows mark entries.  A simple read, price moves above the 50sma you look for pullbacks to buy off stall areas or s&r lines.  Then when price stretches look for it to bounce off key areas.  This happens everyday every session...