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Saturday, December 5, 2009


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Friday, December 4, 2009


13- i missed the short down, but big support at the 25 level so a bounce up was obvious, got yellow signaling the reversal and grab some more pips.


12- yellow seemed like it wanted to go up more saw 2 and took it then missed the drop...


11- bias down red to short recent support area was 80 and that was the exit..


10- yellow to buy, was hoping for a 00 push but it did not happen again locked in pips..


9- i decided to jump back in as i felt strong support at 85 area should push this up, i was not paying attention as the top indicator rolled red to short which should have been my exit and i should have shorted, i did get out with a few.


8- i felt the yellow 88 area was going to be a nice bounce up. it went against me i exited damn...


7- bias is down, i was waiting for 00 first and then 4885. i exited here and should have bought on the yellow.


6-got yellow felt it was going to break up to the wp again at 34 but no i exited minus a few. No worries because i will make that but in just a minute...


5- again a trade off the weekly pivot and yellow at 34 went against me i held and got paid..


4- took the buy off the yellow and rode it to the Hline


3- bias was down got red to short, went against me but i held thinking a test of at least 50 would be reasonable. when i saw a couple pips i took it.


2- i saw 34 as the weekly pivot so i took the buy there and grabbed a few


#1b- i shorted on my exit from the previous trade it also went against me for a few but got yellow again and rode that down and exited when i thought the price stalled, man did i miss out...


1-price moved down off the NFP news the weekly pivot was at 89, once it hit it i jumped in a buy thinking a test of 00 would come, it went further against me quickly but gave a yellow so i held and exited and then entered a short at 00

Thursday, December 3, 2009

pre asia 50sma yellow

pre asia 50sma yellow, i took the first trade but just look how powerful the 50sma can be at times. All those are rejection and bounces down for ++ pips. Everyone must keep the 50sma 5min in your toolbox!!!!

This is not rocket science easy simple trading, with built in stop loses, if the 5min candle closes above the 5osma and you are in a short close it. And visa versa.


#6 nice bounce off the 50sma check the blog


#5 got the yellow bias is down, it slipped a little away from me but i felt this was an extremely HP setup so i gave it a little more space. HP because bias is down, priced pulled up to the 10/21ema on the 5min to short. Sometimes entries are not an exact science and you need to have a little patience


4- took the bounce off the dp, went against me a few but i felt it would bounce back for a few this flew up though, the dow opened and off she went. I am sidelines until the news passes


4- took the bounce off the dp, went against me a few but i felt it would bounce back for a few pips.


2- man that first trade shoot if i only knew nice drop. got yellow took the buy entered off a fib i had on the 5min. at 78 exited at hline
3- yellow bought quick in and out as this seems downward


1- trend is somewhat down bias, priced pulled up started gettiing red and yellow to short, i saw 06 was a recent support area so i timed my entry off of that. Again got out too early but the down bias is not strong yet so took a quick few.

Wednesday, December 2, 2009


11- thought i would get a nice bounce off the 37 area i broke against me so i took a small loss


10- trend is down, priced pulled up got yellow and down it went, love it when it works out perfect...


9- yellow short bias is down another HP set up for me...


7- the daily pivot bounce for a few
8- the bounce off the 50% fib on the 5 min


6- saw the recent support was at 94 from the 5min chart so i quickly took a short there as the indicators had been rolling yellow for awhile and a small reversal was due.


5-short looked good off the 50sma at 84 felt a bounce down would happen but nooooo it broke higher and i closed with -5


4- closee the other short but it still looks down to me so got yellow to short and took it and held it to see if it tested the lows again


2- yellow at the previous low, i jumped it rode it to up for a few more,
3-the priced stalled and i felt it was dropping back down but it kept trickling against me and then i closed -10 ouch.


1- yellow bought, exited hline

Monday, November 30, 2009

out today

I have meetings today but I will be back tomorrow for more scalping fun...