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Monday, October 12, 2009


#6 priced pushed up got yellow to short got in under the tma, pushed down and grabbed a few.


#5 again is see support at 83, the priced spiked to it i jumped in buy at 84 and jumped out with a few more


#4 same trade, grabbed a few more, london is closing leery of a reversal of some sort so jump in and out...


#3 similar trade bias is up, got green on cont. to buy price is above the tma knew the support is at 83 so a break of that would be my s/l. looking for 00 as an exit again.


#2 market moved back down from my exit to the 83 area and formed a little support area at 83 i saw green to buy on the continuation indicator, price got above the tma, the bias is up fiugred a test of 00 if not 14 would happen, it hit 00 and bounced off quickly, exited at 97.


#1 market was up, saw a little double stack form, it looked down to me for a few but it broke up, i held much too long and then bailed -10.