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Wednesday, March 24, 2010


13- priced stretched down I bought after it made it last push +5
14- same exact trade but it went and tested todays lows bought at 32 +6
15-then i shorted into the down move +5
i love days without a loss so now i am finished for the day....


10-a bit out of my time slot but the last 1/2hr of london likes to reverse, so i got the yellow and took the trade, should have held +4
11-moved up price stretched i shorted on the push up and exehaustion of the move +5
12- and then bought into the up move off the pullback down +4
and finished for the day...


9- looked like the price was going to reverse back up to the recent highs at 76, it stretched to 52 i entered a short +3 thinking it was going higher, and then it kept on going down again. Oh well...


4-took the buy off the yellow +4
5-immediately closed the buy and shorted into the downmove +7
6-price fell and stretched i entered at 30 off the yellow and waited for it to snap back up +7 quick.
7-shorted into the move, i picked this spot because this was the low of the previous yellows, it went a little against me but then paid +5
8- priced moved back up and shorted off the 50sma 5min and the 50 price fast +4

NY #1-3

1-shorted off the yellow the overall trend is down but the price started to rise a bit, i felt i could get some quick strikes on the move up off Key S&r areas, +4
2-same trade +3
3-i had support at 76 +3