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Friday, December 18, 2009


12- pure speculation that the price was going to try and drop to 1.4250 but i exited at the recent low of 68.
13-got RED to short, i felt 86 was a good spot to short from so when it touched it i shorted got in 84 kept hitting 81 up 81 up 81 up finally i just exited grabbed some more pips because london close was coming and sure enough it dropped another 8 pips, figures... always the case right....


9-there is the drop, i jumped in a buy usually the usd likes to stall around 94 and a bounce to 00, when it broke against me i exited as this could easily fall another 50 so i did not want to get caught.
10-same trade, started to move up again, when the price got to the 95 area where it had just stalled i exited and made back the money i lost
11- it went higher and i shorted at 00, should have held but grabbed some more pips to the count.


7- earlier the price had stalled at like 19 so when it hit i jumped in quick it shot up and i exited in a second. quick trade. Do not try this at home....
8- it broke that support and i jumped in a sell thinking is was going to break down hard, it did but i got tired of waiting and exited basically BE. man this trade pissed me off as i felt the drop was coming. it went down right after thissssssssssssssssss


6- we are looking for shorts, this was a bounce off the 50sma, man if i only held this as it dropped 80 pips from here....


5- had my finger on the trigger, quick in and out trade very fast very higher risk as no yellow and trend is DOWNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNN!!!!!


3- priced stalled at 50 jumped in when it spike i closed
4- got red shorted again, should have held this one but again anothe quick run
At least for now SHORTTTTTTTT!!!


1- shorts are in play, red to short, i waited and exited when i got yellow
2- then i closed and opened a buy off the yellow and grabbed 2 the other way
the 5min chart those the zone the thumbs up area to short from, my next possible bounce area is marked with the X, for a reversal up depending on the speed of the move.

Thursday, December 17, 2009


9- these are the trades i love, red then i got the yellow and shorted from the 25 and down in and out quick.
10- same trade pushed higher got yellow, thought it would test the 25 again so i waited for the exit, i was with the trend so i held a bit longer.


6- 25 was the recent low so i thought a nice bounce up here was eminent had yellow but it broke against me.
7- priced stalled at 15 still yellow took the buy at 16 and it was touch and go finally saw 21 and took it.
8- then yellow again for another buy at 06, counter trend think this was going to tank down hard, when i saw 10 i jumped out only to watch it slowly climb to 30's


5- shorts are still in play dow is -90, 70 area is showing consistant support, so i shorted and held. some nice pips today


3- thought is was going to break should have shorted at 70, like before my mistake took a small lose,
4-got yellows jumped in at 75 rode it down to 65


2- a counter trend trade, saw yellow entered at 48 exited 52.. I will be very very cautious about counter trades or buys in this mkt. tight s/l.


1- trend bias is down, support from previous candles high on the 5min chart(check marks) show 70 as the area to short from. I had the 50sma at 70 plus yellow was telling me a short was coming. so in and out with 5.

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Pre Asia

I took a bunch of trades during fomc and did well on the pip count but they were too fast to mark and post. I was doing some work heard the yellow audio alert go off. I checke the 5min chart and saw that support has been formed at 21 as a bounce area, the yellow alert started at 25 but i waited to get a push to the 21 figuring that would be a solid bounce area. So here is the trade to start off the night.


8- took a buy at 80 went a few against me but the trend it up, so i held, grabbed 4


5-expecting a bounce off the 50sma, dow had just opened and went positive so up it went did not close it right away, i got a pullback down to 62 and exited and
6- bought on the same trade, rode that up to the spike up around 80.
7-took the short off the yellow


down to the daily pivot, it did not hold the price switched direction gave back all my profits. Oh well more trades to come...


2-another counter trend trade off the yellow
3- a continuation trade for a few more


1- price is moving up nicely, recent past resist. at 80, it spike to 79 got yellow i jumped in rode it down until priced stalled

Tuesday, December 15, 2009



10- yellow short 50sma bounce down


took this short off the yellow exited -2 only to watch it come all the way back down. Frustrating on days like this. I am up for the day but frustrating




4- previous support was at 54, jumped in a short, thought he bias is up now, got a couple
5- had yellows tried to get in at 59 missed it got in 57 drifted away, came back down a little got out -2. It happens part of the game


2- trend tried to push down further but i felt it would pullback up to the 36 area first, price got above the tma i took a buy and grabbed a few more. Then the price moved quickly directly to the 50sma on 5min
3- where i took a short and grabbed 2.5 more


trend is down priced had stalled felt it might test the little bottom of this drop, white dots, got in 35 exited 31 and break of 36 would be the s.l.

Monday, December 14, 2009


NY was a slow day, took a few other trades nothing great,
picked up 8 pips on a couple of scalps off the yellow. Again the market is slow and rangy or choppy. when it is like this with a little patience and good entries the yellow reversals are very HP trades.


3- bias is down, this was the first good pullback up to short the market, we are below the 50sma on the 5min so i felt that the 36 area based on the past 5min candles high was a good area to short from, for me very HP. You will notice in the rainbow the priced reaches 35 spikes down then stalls at 33, my stop loss would be the recent high at 35. Price gets under the tma 21 (white dotted line) and off we go for 4 more


1- the market is short bias right now, got yellow for counter trend trade, in and out for a few
2- same as above

Sunday, December 13, 2009


was at the computer caught this green to buy, trend on the 5min seems to be up, price is above the 50sma grabbed 4.