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Thursday, December 16, 2010

Some Asia.

trend is up taking buys off the spine.  Wish every session was this clear....

Tuesday, December 14, 2010


10-after the news price pushed down to the lows got yellow took the buy, broke against me i exited -5
11-but i saw on the 15min charts that there was good support here so i jumped back in a buy +6
12-shorted off the exit only to watch it finally go back up, but i knew the trend was down so i waited +6
13-bought off the exit +5
14-seems the 81 area was holding some support so i shorted there +3
15-shorted again +6
16-same trade except i got red shorted +6 

NY #1-9

1-trend is down shorted off the short on the 5min chart. +6
2-took the buy off the stall, i should have exited held looking for a test of 14 again to short, but instead went away from me, i added a position on the stretch down, exit at the previous high +5
3-shorted off the exit +8
4-yellow bought exited at 00 +9
5-shorted again into the downtrend off the exit, closed on the stall stupidddddd +7
6-bought off the yellow +6
7-shorted off the exit which was the low before to the left +10
8-bought off the bottom +8
9-shorted again +3

Monday, December 13, 2010


Trend is obviously up, keep taking buys on the pullbacks downs, give yourself 7-10 on the sl.