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Friday, March 5, 2010


I try and stop trading at 11:30est as the london close can do things that are not anticipated. then try and catch a few more trades after the close if time allows.
18-I heard my audio alert for yellow go off but waited to enter off the weekly pivot at 92 +3
19-should have held the last trade as it as it went you know where...right back to the daily pivot at 14 where i shorted again +3.

Everyone have a wonderful stress free weekend!!!


13-again took the buy off 08 and exited at 14 should, i did not short because i had NO YELLOW and i felt this was the third time it attempted to break through the pivot at 15
14-i shorted at 21 looking for a push back to 15 to buy but it broke higher -5
15-shorted on the pause in price the zig zag +3
16-spiked higher shorted off the spike +4
17-bought off the spine in the direction of the move, it broke against me -4


8-i have the daily pivot at 15, price flew up fast was getting yellow so i knew it was going to reverse some, i waited and shorted fast at 15, exited on the spine of the rainbow. +7
9-came down some more then price got above the tma i took the buy, this went against me but i was with the uptrend so i held it and i exited at 08 +3
10-i should have bought earlier on the tma cross but i got in at the same spot as the previous trade 05, again exited 08 +3
11-same trade again in 05 this time i felt that the price had attempted to get back to test the 15 area again or maybe higher so i held this until i got yellow and that was at 14 so I exited +9
12-and shorted again back to 08 +5


3-i have weekly pivot at 92, yellow, so i took a quick short, it moved quick only got +1
4-shorted again at 95 thinking it would push back down to test 92, went up to 00 and then flew down to 89 where i exited +6
5-and bought in the direction of the move up exited 00 at the previous high +10
6-came down again to the pivot and i bought at 91 again exited at the 00 +9

NY #1,2

Took a bunch of trades right after NFP no need to post them all but once it settled down here were some of my trades
1-yellow short +4
2-yellow short +4

Thursday, March 4, 2010


30-red i took a shot and shorted again +5
31-same trade but it had pushed higher then my previous entry so i waited for the yellow +7
Done for the day....

#29 another HOMERUN setup

29-on my 5min chart i had 15 area as resistance, i shorted as i had RED/YELLOW, i exited at 07 +9. THIS TRADE went down 60 PIPS. man oh man if i would have just let it ride.............

#28 HOMERUN setup

28-price pullback up trend is down sigals telling me to short this bad boy, i took my entry at the same place i had on early trades 07, exited 00 +7


22-i took a break came back the price dropped to 00 i bought +4
23-then i shorted exited early +7 as i was looking for 92 (PIVOT 5min chart) as a great place to buy
24-bought at 92 +7
25- shorted again from same entry as #23 +7
26-bought again off the pivot +4
27- bought again on the hard push down and stall of price +4


17-saw support on the 5min chart at 26, price spiked down to 30 took a quick buy +2
18-at 26 took the buy +4
19-shorted into the trend +8
20-bought off the spike down +5 quick!!
21-shorted again from the same place +4


12-yellow shorted +4
13-price stalled took a quick but +2
14-again 45 took a buy like before +5
15-shorted into the trend got yellow so i exitted +6
16-and yellow bought again +4


7-shorted again into the bias +5
8-felt the price was stallinga at 45 and going back to 51 so i took the buy +5
9-then shorted again +4
10-then shorted again off the yellow +7

NY #1-6

1- price was in a range, moved up broke the spine of the rainbow(white line) took a buy +3
2-yellow shorted once under the tma, thinking the trend was upward exited +4
3-took the buy went against me -6
4- I DO NOT RECOMMEND this style off trading but i will post it, i bought again at 57it continued to go against me, so i added a position at 50 (price 54 now) thinking a quick move up to get me out, which it did but i got greedy and did not exit on the spike and then short into the move down, instead i held it looking for a few more pips but it dropped more against me. Now i had a choice ride it out or add at the next price spike down. so i added at 39. Price now was 48, soon as it hit 51 i exited +3
5-and then shorted into the move +6
6-shorted again into the bias down +5

Wednesday, March 3, 2010


32-yellow short +4
33-yellow short +4
done for the day...


30-shorted on the price stall +2
31-HOME RUN PITCH green buy +10


22- priced pushed up hard, i had a fib of resistance at 93 so i shorted there +3
23-took the buy on the exit +2
24-shorted again +1
25-then bought into the move +7 should HAVE HELD THIS ONE!!!!
26-price jumped higher i shorted at 06 jumped up fast -6
27-shorted again at 13 +2
28-shorted again at 15 +2
29-bought into the move up +9


17-buy off the yellow +2 quick
18-short yellow off the 60 +1
19-same trade +2
20-same trade +3
21-took the buy went against me almost closed it and then bam i was in profit and closed it +2


10- after the news a push back down to the 30 area took a buy again went against me a few then came back +2
11-shorted into the move +7
12-retraced back up, price above the tma bought, +3
13-shorted back into the move went against me -4
14-shorted again into the move +6
15-again shorted into the bias down went against me, seems like it wants to push higher got out -1
16-and bought +3


2 & 3-i drew a little trend line after the previous high and then took a couple of rejections off of it, making lower highs both trades were indentical. +5, +5
4-price again made a run for its hights in the session, i shorted off the yellow at 67, this went a little against me but i held, soon as i saw a few pips i exited +3
thinking it might go back higher so
5-i bought, saw a few pips profit but thought it would break up instead it kept reverse -5
6-price stiked down and stalled i took a quick buy +3
7-and then shorted into the move down +14 closed the trade right at the 50sma 5min
8-and bought +3
9-shorted into the move again +5

NY #1

1- price made a push to its highs at 64, i had my finger on the trigger and shorted, in and out quick +4

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

The 5min Candle Reverse Setup

i have posted this before, i look for the big doji or indicive candle marked by the arrow. Then i see if the candle before the doji a is bear candle and that the candle after is a bull candle, that gives me a good idea the market is now going to be bull for some pips. It happened twice in todays session. Price pushed down but could not sustain the move down creating the doji and reversing the market back up. Hope this helps in recognizing candle patterns that happen a few times a week in NY. Just another tool for your box...


10-market flew up took a couple buys on the move up a buy off the pivot again and damn got me again -3
11-same trade +3
12-shorted +4
13-price continued to drop again looking for it to pull back up to short into the move and exited on the yellow +17
14-and bought on the yellow exit +3
15-shorted again broke against me -5
16-saw the market might reverse back up i let the price pulldown and bought at 42 exited 50 +8
17-yellow short +2
18-price stalled had yellow +3


8-price dropped down waited for a pullback to short it +18
9-same trade, thought it would drop more and missed the exit, it went against me 8 pips but i felt it was going to make a push down, finally it came +7


6-took the buy off the pivot at 59 exit -4
7-price stalled took the buy thinking it would go back and test the 59 area which is the daily pivot. WRONG -4

NY #1-5

1-felt the bias was up, price pullled down i bought and it went way against me, i should have closed this when it broke away but i held it started getting green to buy so i held to see if i could get out BE, it finally spiked exited +1. Horrible trading on my part got lucky.
2-i shorted on the spike as i felt that was a solid push up and had to fall back some off of the push up +3
3-moved back up i shorted again +3
4-i saw it had moved up the last two pullbacks so i took the buy and then it broke against me bastard, i waited for it to pull up some off the drop and exit -7
5-and get into a short +7

Monday, March 1, 2010

Asia #1-5

1- price broke down thought I would catch the bounce at 39 went to the fib i have at 33 then back up then broke against me again -6
2- took the buy again +3
3-shorted into the move down +5
4-shorted again into the bias +5
5-should have shorted again into the move but I took the buy at 23 out 25 +2


28- tought it would bounce at 99 went against stalled exited -6
29-shorted off the 50sma 5min +7
30-bought off the 07 little support area in the rainbow, this went against me my sl was a break of the 99, came back got out with +3
31-end of my session got yellow shorted +3
32-same trade +3
Done for the day....


19-bought off the red +3
20-same -7
21-same +9
22-red buy +3
23-same +3
24-shorted off the red/yellow +5
25,26,27- shorted off the red +3, +3, +4


18- the trade i was waiting for and closed it tooooooo early +4, this went for 60+ pips man oh man


14-thought it was breaking down again, -6
15-bad trade thought we were now going up -3
16-then it broke down the original way i felt sold +5
17-then bought as the priced stalled +3


10-shorted off the spine of the rainbow +4
11-priced pulled back up to the spine and i shorte +4
12-did the same trade again +4
13-got yellow and bought +3

NY #1-9

1-short off the yellow/red trend is down, this is my HP homerun trade,exite on the yellow +18
2-bought on the yellow +3
3-same bought on the yellow again +2
4-thought it was break higher, went against me, the previous low was my stop loss. came back up exited BE
5-bought again +2
6,7,8-bought off the yellow +6
9-same trade broke against me -6

Sunday, February 28, 2010

Pre Asia

Pre asia, market is thin spread a little bigger but i took the buy off the 50sma, a nice start to the week +10