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Friday, June 25, 2010


9-yellow took the counter buy off the recent lows -7
10-again took another buy +9
11-shorted off the exit into the down move +5
12-again price pushed and tested the lows took the buy +9
13-yellow shorted +4
14-yellow shorted +5


6-market is ranging, yellow short +2
7-yellow buy +3
8-yellow buy +3

NY #1-5

1-price stretched i bought on the retrace then pushed down against me but i got the yellow OS alert so i held it +2
2-pushed up a bit higher and I wanted to short into this little down move +5
3-and bought off the exit and a test of the recent lows +3
4-same trade bought off the low went a couple against me then +3
5-again shorted into the downmove +5

Thursday, June 24, 2010

#8-19 with 5MIN Chart!!!

Here is the 5min charts, arrows mark the entries and what i was looking at.

8-price was dropping, getting OS yellow had the weekly pivot at 35 +2.5
9-price continued moving down my next rest. area is 25, price stretched i was waiting exited +5
10-price pushed up to the Weekly Pivot again and I shorted into this down move +5
11-same trade, went a little against me be I felt based on the 5min chart we were in a bit of a down move.

12-got yellow of the rest again bought +3
13-shorted into the down move off the exit of trade 12 +4
14-bought again at the bottom here +5
15-shorted again into the down move off the exit, went a couple against me exited again at the rest. +4
16-bought off the exit at the rest again and exited at the same place as before +4
17-and shorted into the down move +4

18-yellow buy +3
19-same exact trade


6-easy trade yellow priced stretch to 00 got in 02 +6 fast.

7-same trade as earlier, yellow hit resistance shorted +7


3-price dropped under the restistance at 26, i jumped in a buy as i felt i was starting to step up, it did not and I exited -7
4-got green i liked the 12 spot from yesterday so i bought +3
5-same type of trade rode this one out and exited at the 12 +4

NY #1,2

1- yellow took the short off the rest. +3
2- same off the weekly pivot price started stepping down, picture perfect setup, i shorted and rode it down the prev. rest. +7

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Asia #1

price was moving up, i started to get yellow of OB signal i tried to time my entry off the 100% Fib got in at 41 exite 38. +3

#17-18 FOMC

17- on the previous move up price had stalled at the 12-14 area so when i got green i was looking for 12-14 as an entry +5.
18- price heading down again waiting for the indicators to cycle, started getting green almost took the same buy again but got distracted, then it rolled yellow right at the support at 09 and spiked up off the bounce. +5 QUICK!!! A really good session...

#10-16 FOMC

I took about 8 more in and out trades prior to these after the news announcement. Here are some of the ones i remembered.
10-yellow took the short +3
11-same trade off the support area at 09 went against me -7
12-yellow short again off the stretch +2
13-off the yellow and support went a little against me +3
14-then i took the buy trade looking for the continuation back up to test the recent highs +11
15-price stretched the BB audio alert on the 15tick chart was going ringing like a phone so i answered with a short caught it right off the top. +10.
16-Then i thought i better wait for the green or yellow to get me a very HP buy. Got green off the stretch down, went against me for a few looking for the support at 29 to exit +6


7-took the buy off the yellow at 22 went against me looking for the 27 area to exit +5. I should have shorted right there.
8-priced pushed down to the recent lows and i took the buy, i hung onto to this looking for the 27 again, it went beyond my normal trading time but normally london close likes to reverse some +13
9-then got yellow waited and entered at 32 where i had earlier +4


5-same trade, yellow short into the trend exit off the rest. +4
6-got red shorted into the downtrend +3

NY #1-4

1-price pushed down, i waited until i thought it had exhausted itself +3
2-and shorted off my exit, saw 27 as the rest. area +10
3-bought there, exited at the spine +4
4-and shorted back into the down move +4

Tuesday, June 22, 2010


8-yellow short off the 00 +4
9-out of my time slot but i took the yellow short off the support at 13 got in at 1.2312 out 08 +4 and done for the session.


4-86 has been a solid area of support all london session, yellow, short +6
5-bought into the up move +3
6-yellow again took the short +4
7-vertical push up, yellow short +3

NY #1-3

1-yellow short +3
2-Yellow test of 00 +3
3-same trade no yellow +4

Monday, June 21, 2010

Bollinger Band Trading in Ranging Market!!!

In this kind of ranging market you can trade the yellow indicator or any oversold/overbought indicator to pick reversals. Such as a Bollinger Band, price jumps outside the band soon price wants to find its way back inside the band. Here i have posted a 15tic chart with a Bollinger Band i keep running with an audio alert. You see when you get a candle that has its body more than 1/2 to 2/3 outside of the band, the price wants to reverse for some pips. This technique is not new but is highly effective in a ranging or choppy market.
Set some Stop Loss rules for yourself and make some pips...

Asia #1-3

1-pre Asia open, slowww but got yellow shorted at 26 exited 23.5 for +3.5
2-asia price was pushing down, was looking for 03 but it hit 08 and then turned, spread widen on the thin market, bought at 11 then spiked and I got filled and exited at the top +6.
3-and one more short off the yellow +7

1 MORE HP trade for me

Trend is down, priced pull back, now i am looking to short into the move for a continuation trade, got red new 45 was the entry before, got YELLOW at 45 and shorted out 39. Now i am done for the day

2 More plus the EJ Help...

I cannot help but take these trades, they seem so obvious, the bounces off the support at 30 and 45, plus i watch the EJ for hints as to where the EU will bounce, in these trades the daily and weekly pivots created reassurance that bounces in this area for the EU would happen...

A few More

caught a couple more in and out trades before the gym. I got a late start so i wanted to get in a few more trades. This afternoon might produce some nice pips.

A Couple More...

NY trades

Same trades I got off with a few other trades online.