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Friday, January 29, 2010


9-yellow buy, grabbed a few more
10- yellow short into the trend


8-thought is would test 88, had yellow, got impatient and entered early, it went to 86 then up to 00 for the exit.


7-shorted off the yellow at this time the dow was +120 and it looked like we were heading back up the recent bounce at 3800, instead it dropped 60 pips from here. Ha ha


5- again priced stalled went against me came back and again exited with a couple but dicey i need to cut those loose.
6- yellow off the low bought grabbed some more pips


3-after news, priced pushed down and stalled got in 46 went all the way down to 36 and came back, when saw a pip i took it.
4- got yellow to short and grabbed a few more

NY #1-3

1-it looked like it was going to break down, i jumped up i got yellow i added a position(again rarely do this, DO NOT RECOMMEND IT) gave me a price of 63 price hit 61 i jumped out
2-and bought the other way exited at 65 and grabbed 4 more
3- jumped up heard the audio got yellow shorted again took 3 more

Thursday, January 28, 2010


13-yellow short off the recent highs, i thought it was breaking up higher so i took a few
14- yellow to buy, took 5 pips off the bounce of the 50sma


11-yellow got in at 71 it went to 76 i held got out with one,
12-same trade at 81 got in 80 held for got 5 more


8-thought it would break up, went down quick exited small loss
9-saw yellow bought again exited 58 and shorted off the red made the loss back
10- went against me but got out with a couple


bunch of trades +++

NY 1 & 2

1- under the 50sma price had stalled then broke up took a loss
2- jumped in a buy thinking it was going to make a push for the pivot at 39 moved up a little and then tanked took another loss.

Wednesday, January 27, 2010


6-i took this last trade saw it moving down the blue diamond at 57 represented the support got yellow so i timed my entry got in at 58, when it stalled i exited 64
7-moved up to 80 area again like before, saw red, i jumped the gun on the trade a bit but it was in the zone on the 5min chart so i held tight then it paid me.

Asia #4&5

4- priced slammed down fast from 94 and stalled at 60 i jumped in 64 rode it to 74 took 10.
5- then bam slammed 50 more pips to 35 i jumped in a buy real fast at 41 exited 54. WOWWWWWWWWWWW!!!!!

Asia #1,2,3

1-priced stalled got under the tma in at 06 out 02
2-price spiked to 15 i jumped in at 13 rode it down until it stalled at 06
3-price again tested the low, i missed the entry got in 99 bounced around a bit got out 09. I will take 19 from asia and go on home very happy.

15min HIGH PROB SETUP!!!!!

I want to take a minute and do a little candle reading lesson. when you see this setup on 5min and particularly 15min chart you can stand a HP chance this is what is going to happen. What you are going to look for is the long indicive doji candle, once that has formed you are looking for the combo. The previous candle would be red(short), then indi, then Yellow(long/buy) candle. Once that has occured the next candles normally will move up. And visa versa, the key is the wick or stem of the indi candle needs to be at below or above the two candles. See the examples

and a few more

more trades

#11 easiest trade of the day

bounce off the previous 27 out 34. turning out to be a GREAT DAY!!!


10- one more, all session price was bouncing off the 34 area, started getting yellow, let it push a little more, click got in 37 bad execution priced moved to fast at 34 as there were other buyers looking to do the same, exited at 40...


9- the bounce off the 50sma and the yellow...HELLO pips


7- yellow bought grabbed a few
8- yellow short grabbed a few more


5- bias seemed down to me i took the short hoping to see 21 i got yellw at 34 and exit
6-and bought and rode that up for a few


3- took the buy at 52 as that was support earlier and it blew through there so i exited with a loss
4- missed the yellow to buy like an idiot took the buy at 44 and exited when it went lower. More buses coming

#2 50+Y+G= BUY

2- 50 sma 5m,+ yellow + green = BUY in 72 out 755 3.5...could have gotten a better entry with a little more patience

NY #1

took the yellow short, went a bit against me i held grabbed 2.5

Tuesday, January 26, 2010


was watching got no signals and then finally this came got in 88 exited 83 will take it all day long. c u in NY.


15- green yellow BUY, grabbed 2 more slowly getting my lose back

13 &14

13, priced had stalled i thought it would break down took minus 6 there,
14-then again stayed with that had yellow it went against me as well but i had a strong feel of reversal coming. got out with 2 pips


11- yellow short, thought the bias is changing to buys from shorts
12- yellow short again, i wish i should have waited to touch the 50sma 15min got out with a pip.


8-yellow short
9- saw support at the 45 area took the buy
10- should have held it got yellow to short grabbed two more


5-took a shot at a small pullback up to short into the bias down, grabbed 2.5
6-took the short as it seemed the price was going to break out, it spiked down grabbeb 5 and
7-entered the other way on the same trade and took 2.5 more


3-shorted off the recent resistance at 94 with yellow grabbed a few
4- then man i wish i would have held that short but i took the buy off the recent lows of 68, timed the entry perfect put more pips in the basket

NY #1-2

1- yellow short into the bias grabbed a few as it looked like the mkt wants to rev. up some
2- yellow 94 was a prev. support area from earlier so i shorted and pocked a few more

Monday, January 25, 2010

Asia #4&5

4- yellow bottom from last friday was 90ish so it pushed to 93 got in 96 exited 00
5- pushed up a little higher stalled i shorted into the bias from 01 exited 98.

Asia #1,2,3

1- yellow short got 1
2- yellow short got 1
3- took the buy with the trend and grabbed 4 and done for asia. trading asia is like watching rice cook...


11- yellow, support was at 28/30 area got a good entry at 27 made some pips
12- yellow to short, price was in the zone off the 5min charts
13- yellow again price was bouncing off the 50sma 5min chart plus i marked the recently support with the blue diamonds so i timed my entry to short there down to 50 price


9- price had stalled, the dow futures are all ++ so the NYSE DOW should up and take the EU with it. grabbed a couple
10- priced dropped YELLOW dow opens +62 up we go grab a few more


5- yellow buy
6- yellow buy off the support at 32 from the 5min chart
7- shorted in the zone off the 5min chart grabbed a few
8- shorted again off the yellow at 52 grabbed a few more


1- yellow buy
2- yellow buy
3- broke down a mini break out, sell
4- yellow 50 area close and buy again grab a few more
notice on the chart what helped guide my exits and told me to hold the short were the blue dots, i put them there to help recognize the market was making lower lows, slowly going down

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Asia #1&2

1- was checking the computer saw we had yellow took the buy, the white dots gave me an idea where the price would push towards, so i held it and got a nice start to the week.
2- and the spot for a quick short for a few more. Now back to football