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Wednesday, October 27, 2010

NY & Asia

Pretty simple chart reading again these are the same patterns we see over and over on the EU.  I did not take all these entries but some of them.  

Monday, October 25, 2010

Pre Asia: Happened to sit down on the computer heard the audio alerts going off. Pulled up the charts real fast which were in sleep mode and started jumping in on this thin but active market. Looking for the same trades as always, price stretching to or just past key areas.
1-Had the pivot at 29, stretched past it got in on the buy and yellow at 25, exited +3.5
2-shorted off the pivot into the down move exited at 25 +4
3-priced pulled back up and i shorted again at 30 +15
4-bought off the stretch +2.5
5-next support was at 09 bought +2.5 should have held...
6-got red and shorted into this down move, quick +4
7-shorted off red again at 24 +7

NY, 5 min chart a bunch of trades

Arrows market entries, not all perfect