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Friday, February 5, 2010


8-was around the computer i know end of the day and all but i was waiting for the price to bounce off the 15min 50sma and it did for 4 pips to close out the week. It is too bad I missed the green entry to buy earlier that was a beauty...


7-I missed all he fun got back in time to catch the 50sma bounce with the yellow confirmation.


5- support at 68 i entered there and garbbed a few off the yellow
6- saw the recent low was 47, why i did not wait i have NO IDEA got in 56 flew against me and came back i saw a few pips and took it. man oh man, let the fuck go the trade quick and re-enter


4- priced had pushed higher on ++ news then retraced i jumped in at 04 thinking it would push back up to the previous highs, and i rode it and it went pretty quick. wow

NY #1-3

1- had yellow to buy, i went against me got out -6
2- priced finally stalled and i jumped in a buy again, made back 5, then it pushed up to my previous entry point on the fist trade
3-so i shorted into the move and made +8

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Asia #1,2,3&4

1- yellow short it was rolling yellow pushed to 40 and i entered went a few against me then came down nice
2- bought as the price bounced off the 50sma, a little higher risk trade jumped up 3 real fast and i exited. nice little start to the session
3- yellow plus i had support on the 5min at 46, i jumped up i heard the audio alert and jumped in a short dropped fast and grabbed 3.
4-pushed down to the 50sma and played the quick bounce for 3


24-yellow jumped down quick and excited quick strikes
25-watched it the last 30 minutes and just took a trade in the range, it pushed down quick jumped in a buy to see if it would retest the 64 area and it jumped right to i.


22-market has calmed down now yellow looking for 3750 for an entry got 52 took it to the Hline.
23- same trade yellow entere at 47 looking for Hline for exit,


17,18- tried catching the bounces on the stall of price but it kept going, finall caught the bottom made back the loses.
19-a quick exit and short
20-took the short off the red but london was closing and did not give any pips closed with a lose, then i had shorted earlier from 71
21-priced went to it i shorted and rode it down to the spine of the rainbow. so mixed results on these last trades. waiting for my next opp..


14-loss on 14 counter trend
15-closed and shorted made back the lose
16- shorted from the previous support area






1-yellow bias i down so shorted,
2-price was ranging in here, got above the tma(whited dotted line) took the buy a few more.
3-same trade as above except i got a poor entry

Wednesday, February 3, 2010




Lots of great setups and repeat setups,keep shorting tbis move down


3-i trade a few different accounts in one of them i took this buy and did not take my pips instead i held onto the trade believing the dow would open + and move the price back up and give me a nice payday, instead it continued down. I averaged in twice on this trade at 24 and then again 08 giving me a price of 1.3926, i saw BE once and did not take it. Finally it got to 20 and i exited minus 6 pips plus the averaging in. The lesson is no one is perfect and remember to take your lose and move one because as you see in this and my other accounts, i more then made up for the loss and then some. Keep trading and keep taking your setups and remember another bus and opportunity is coming.

The chart shows the entry but it happened over time so i coule not get all the trades on one chart. Instead i will post all the other trades that were taken.

NY #1 & 2

1- bounce trade, win 4
2- same trade lost 5

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Asia #1

1- got yellow and green BUY in 69 out 715 for a quick 2.5. might be it for the session

#7 & 8

7-trend is still up price pulled back down gave the nice GREEN to BUY and 12 pips later I am a happy boy!!!
8-it shot up to the Weekly pivot at 74 i jumped in at 73 exited 71 grabbed couple quick ones

#6 Reversal setups again

here are the reversal setups to watch for on the 5 and 15min charts, red, indicive doji, yellow combo usually means the market will go in the direction of the last candle or UP. And yellow, indicive doji, red means down.
6- so on this last trade when it broke 50price, the support, i took a sell feeling strong that based on the 5min chart (yellow, doji, red) that this would reverse down for some pips.


4- 44 had been a nice bounce area then it broke it i jumped in at 37 and then it just tanked before i could react i was down 10+ i decided to hold it to see if i got a small push up to exit but instead it did what is has been doing all session and reverse back the other direction. escaped with a couple pips. Though session,
5- caught the bounce off the recent high for a few more again difficult trading,

#2 & 3

2- yellow buy, SHOULD HAVE HELD, grabbed a few
3- yellow short off the 50 price, went against me but i held for a few pips and exited. No consistancy to the markte yet again another bouncy day. But i feel the bias is up

NY #1

1- saw the 50sma at 38, got yellow jumped in got a bad execution at 42 i held it as it went 10 against me, i felt the overall bias was up though, so i held, it finally got up to 42 made a little spike heard the yellow and exited, i should have shorted but just missed it. got out with 1.5

Asia #2

2- price had moved back up to the 50sma on both the 5 & 15min charts, i had yellow an felt this would be a Super HP trade and then it just dropped hard i exited at the pivot at 03. then i had to leave.

Monday, February 1, 2010


Grabbed a quick buy off the yellow for a couple


9- got this last one in off the recent high, yellow short, 3pips in pocket


short off the yellow



NY 1&2