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Friday, November 13, 2009


#3 a quick pop off the yellow

#4 same felt a test of 00 would happen


priced reversed and pushed up, took this counter trade off the push to 08 and exited at 00


#1 rangy mkt, but i took a shot at 50sma for a bounce back up, did not happen took a loss....

Thursday, November 12, 2009



counter trend trade but for me HP on the 5mn you see the bottom was already established at 02, so a bounce off of that could produce pips. I had yellow price got above the tma and off we went and grabbed some pips...


shorted off the 5min touching the 50sma, this is usually a very HP setup...

Wednesday, November 11, 2009


#5 saw yellow looking for a quick bounce up, saw a pip or so then i moved against me i quicly exited -2 or so.

#6 same trade except this time i got the bounce +5


priced pushed down into the 60's so short bias, i was now looking for shorts up at the daily pivot 83, once it touched it i got into the game with a short. THIS is the HP trade i always look for, it gets NO MORE HP THEN THIS!!!!


took the buy off the daily pivot, at 83 on the 5min


#2 similar trades as usual, yellow no real bias in the market, thinly traded, priced pushed down HP of it sling shoting back up and it did. grabbed a few


Took the short off the bounce off the 50sma on the 5min, the 1 tic rainbow gave me the entry spot.

Tuesday, November 10, 2009


basically same trade as before, it broke against so i exited with a loss only to see it come my way, damn..


took the short off the 58 dp and rode it down to the previous low


i should have held my short, got yellow to buy, off this big pullback down it broke against me so i exited with a small loss..


shorted from 03 exited 00


felt the market was going up to test 1.500 no rocket science here, priced moved up broke a little support area i got in at 84 exited 99....


the daily pivot on the 5min is at 58, price pushed down past it i got in at 57 rode it up to the Hline for 7 more.


market is sideways slightly down bias, i think we might see 1.500 again, anyway got the yellow to buy so i did, and grab a quick 3 to start the day

Monday, November 9, 2009


priced moved down then pulled back up into the zone between the red 10ema and the blue 21 ema on the 5min chart so i shorted as the price stalled and look downward again took a few more..


#8 price in the same range, should have waited for 00 but priced had stalled so i jumped in, then waited for the retest below...


trading off the yellow...


looked up took a long at 96 closed 00 got back the 4 i just lost (+4)


got yellow 96 had been a good support area for a buy, saw BE then it broke down, -4. so so session


market had moved down dow was strong i had entered when priced stalled at 99, it bounced around to 92 up to 02 back down then up and down then finally it broke and i exited at 6. +7

#1 & 2

#1 saw yellow entered 15 for a short, kept the sl tight broke the other way briefly -3. then is tanked darn missed it.

#2 dow was about to open, price pushed down, i have a CCI 21 set on the 1 tic charts with an audio alert and it went off that a quick buy could happen so i bought, see the bias is up +5