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Friday, May 28, 2010


14- though out of my time frame i saw the price reversing back up and moving towards the 50sma. I also saw that the recent candles on the 5min all had touched the 61/62 area which was a bit over the 50sma, so i felt that would be the HP bounce spot and took the trade there +6. Have a great weekend!!!!!!!!!!


11-again took the bounce off the daily pivot +10 now looking for a short entry
12-price stalled jumped in saw 2 pips thought it would go more but it moved up very fast -6
13-jumped back in up top same type of trade just a higher entry +10


7-price pushed or stretched down vertically for about 10 pips, to yellow price stalled +3
8-recent low was 24 so when the priced stretched really fast down to it, i jumped in at buy there off the yellow and the recent low for a bounce +6
9- same trade +6
10-then the price made a direct push for the daily pivot at 14, at 16 i bought feeling that was a big drop and a retracement was in order +8 quick.

NY #1-6

Market is ranging right now with a slight push to the downside, so i am looking for yellows to catch quick reversals until the direction becomes more clear.
1-yellow bought at 49 +5
2-priced pushed down vertically and stalled thought i could get a couple of pips, broke down more -3
3-again yellow vertical price drop knew it had to reverse back up some to pay me +3
4-same trade +4
5-same trade +5
6-yellow to short +4

Thursday, May 27, 2010


17-trend is up looking for pullbacks to buy into it, yellow +6
18-same trade +6
Getting close to london to the last 1/2hr of london, where i like to stay out.


15-quick yellow counter trade +2
16-short off the yellow and 00, should have held +5


13-trend seems to moved up now i am looking for pullbacks to buy into the up move +6
14-similar type trade +9


11-yellow shorted +5
12-after the news took another short off the 50sma +5


10-it was my perfect setup, trend down, price pulled back up, got yellow to short into the move, picked a good entry at 20 and it just went against me. I held it longer then usual as i was with the trend but this kept going and I lost. It happens there will be more trades -12


6-yellow looking for bounce just below the daily pivot broke against me -5
7-same trade but better entry +6
8-same trade again +10

#4 & 5

4-price pushed up now looking to short into this down trend got yellow, this is one of my favorite setups +13
5- got yellow for a quick reversal +4

NY #1-3

1-bounce off the daily pivot +5
2-same trade +5
3-looking for a pullback up to short into the down move +10

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

How I Read Asia session!!!

Arrows mark entries on the 5min. I have also attached the tic chart for another way to read entries off the yellow.


24-one last trade i could not resist the bounce off the 50SMA. +7 This trade works so many times you just cannot ignore it.


20-price stretched to 11 took a quick buy +3
21-got yellow entered at 00 +8
22-again another hard vertical push down, entered at 00 again +8. Now approaching the last 1/2hr of london and i like to quit at this time.

I had a bunch more trades earlier on, some of them just very fast in and outs, could not post them all.


16-got red to reverse, it was the same area i shorted from earlier +4
17- price pushed up to the 50 area, i looked for it to push a bit higher and get the best entry to short as i was getting red and yellow +3
18-again price pushed higher, seem to stall i shorted if it broke higher i would exit +4
18-same trade and damn I should have held this one because it went down 70 pips from here +3


12-price really pushed down further on the news, after the final stretch down i took a buy thinking it would want to retrace some of the move down. +12
13- pushed a little higher, was looking for 50 area but i jumped in here +11
14-price tested the recent lows and i bought again quick +4
15-again priced stretched lower a vertical drop, got yellow and a late entry +3


9-priced stretch straight vertical got yellow jumped in the short +3
10-pushed higher +3
11-earlier i had taken a short from the 76 area so i felt that was going to create a small resistance area for a bounce +3


7-priced pushed higher, got red/yellow +10
8-yellow at the bottom of the move +3

NY #1-6

1-price stretched grabbed the bottom and out +2
2-same trade +3
3-same trade again +2
4-then it broke through 50 i knew a retest back up was in order +5
5-price pushed higher, price seemed to stall, if it broke higher i would exit for a small loss instead +6
6-took the same trade but this one did break against me, no biggie, -6

Tuesday, May 25, 2010


15-out of my TF the last 1/2 or london close but the EU pushed back up higher and i was looking for stretches in price, when the price makes a quick jump of 7-9 pips, it loves to stall and reverse for a couple. You need exact execution but there are quick pips to be had here. The Key is not get greedy, take a couple each stretch. +3
16-same +2
17-same +2


11-priced testing its recent highs looking for the price to step down +7
12-price pushed down and through 1.2250 i jumped in a buy thinking i would pause there and go back and test 50 again. +3
13-then price dropped lower and tested the earlier area of 39, got yellow and bought +4
14-then took the continuation suraj trade +4


7- pushed a bit lower again got yellow to reverse +4
8- again pushed down lower, got yellow waited for it to stall and jumped in, if it broke lower i would exit +9
9-price tested that little support area to the far left, got yellow, felt a bounce back down was coming, broke higher -3
10-same trade yellow looking for a quick bounce down from this area +4


4-shorted again +4
5-saw the recent bottom and support around the 39 area bought there for a quick bounce +4
6-same trade a bit lower +4

NY #1-3

After the news the price pushed up and now i am looking for shorts to enter
1-shorted at 52 +10
2-same trade +14
3-quick short for +4