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Friday, December 11, 2009


got red to short entered 09 went against me too much but i felt the bias was down finally i saw BE and exited. Getting tired...

trade group 5

trade group 4

trade group 3

trade group 2

market really let loose and i get caught a couple times for some pips because it moved so fast -12, -14 OUCH!! but once the trend got established i kept taking my trades in the overall direction of the market which as shorts. Took some quick buys here and there


1- green to buy drifted a away a bit but i got green and yellow so I knew a push up to some degree was coming. Figured to get me out BE or small profit, got 2.

Thursday, December 10, 2009


9- priced dipped up above the tma a took a quick buy, tight sl, i got out BE then it broke up darn oh well.
10- but it looked over bias short or down so i shorted from 14 thought it was going to break down hard as it kept pushing the 08 area finally i just took my pips and closed


8-bias is not down looking for pullbacks up to short, priced stalled, at 23 got in 21 exited 18 for a quick few. Next short should be a test of the daily pivot at 30 see how the speed of the trade gets us there.


7- trend bias is somewhat up, got green/yellow to buy and rode it up.


5- priced pushed up to the recent hights at 51 so i shorted, seemed HP to me for another bounce, broke against me i exited with a loss,
6-then spiked up to 57 i shorted again from 56 and got out at 51. made some of the loss back. The trend seems to be moving up. Will wait and see if the NYSE and Dow move this higher, if so i will be looking for buys


4-the daily pivot is at 30 entered 32 exited 35 off the bounce of the 50sma 5min and the dp.


2-recent support was at 46 when news moved up to it i jumped in a short and grabbed
3-then once it hit 43 i bought, i went a few against me but usually this likes to make a second push and it did exited 51


1- green buy so i did, up to hline and out. Nice start to the session

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Asia #2

2- green = Buy so i did and took 4.


market bias is up the price has been pulling back into the buy zone on the 5min, i took an entry at 43 and exited at 48. cheers Joe


13- do you believe i missed this, wow!!!!!! This is why you have to keep trading taking you setups over and over because the odds are in your favor that you are going to win more then you lose with these kind of setups. some of you have been following my trades since march and then again recently. My setup has not change, yes maybe I add a new twist here and there but it is the same exact setup. Point is KEEP TRADING AND TAKNG YOUR SETUP!!!!!


12- big push down on my 5min charts i saw support at 81 told a few traders this earlier on skype that this was a bounce area. Next seems to be 68ish we will see.


9- yellow it was the bottom of the range, it broke against me i exited
10- got back in when the price got above the tma and it started to form support there, if could have broken down but it seemed to hold, was looking for 00 got out at 98
11- then i shorted off of 00 entered 98, saw a pip or so,thought it would break down, it did not and i exited on the break of 01.


8- market is erratic not sure of the direction. London closed pushed it up now looks back down, i took the yellow buy off the 50sma. usually in this choppy market i do not pay as much attention to the 50sma 5min but with the yellow i took the trade.


7- the daily pivot was at 42 the priced flew threw it and stalled i immediately shorted got in at 45 exited 40


6- yellow, let is push, support from earlier got bad execution too fast, grabbed 3 more then it flew up darn....


5- red to short grabbed, it went against me but the bias i felt was down so i held it more then i should then it dropped and i exited with a few more
6- got yellow to short i jumped in tight s/l rode it to the hline


4- red to short the bias is down


1- working on something new a little better twist off the 2range, same deal yellow reversals
2- another yellow off the 00 area, i exited and when priced stalled i got out
3- took the short off the stall and it broke against me. took a lose

Tuesday, December 8, 2009


4- took the buy when the price ran past 00 figured a bounce back to 02-04 but it broke back down and i exited on the break down.
5- then got yellow again priced stalled at 94 i jumped in again rode it to 00 made it back plus a little extra, you have to keep taking your setup....


3- waited until the price hit or tested the recent lows at 23 got yellow and took the buy up to the hline.


2- the priced stalled shorts are in play i jumped in the pool the recent highs were my sl.


did a few trades earlier here are the mos recent.
1-bias is down but i saw yellow and bit on the buy rode it up to when it stalled

Monday, December 7, 2009


6- took this buy off the yellow but then got a bit tied up the last hour but had a bunch of quick in a out trades on this move up, to many to mark and post but looking to short up at 4900 seems real solid...


5- took the yellow buy but the london closed pushed this lower, oh well gave a few back tough day on the eu...


4- yellow waited until priced started to show an upward move and entered sl a break of the 12 area.


3- was looking for a continued break up from 28, a break down woud be my sl. caught a nice push up for 11


2- yellow counter trend seems up this was a short, quick pop...


1- and we are off, the bias seemed down to me, a little break of the support area to short and grabbed a quick 5. Higher risk trade my sl was a break of the recent spike at 96. so good risk vs. reward.