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Friday, January 22, 2010


17-damn again moved up to the highs got yellow entered at 66 got out at 60. Ok that is it i am done now....


16-green then yellow bought at 44 up to 50 thanks to catcher in the Rye. Now i am finished


12-price shot up and stalled jumped in and grabbed two
13-same trade went against me came back got out with 1
14-same type of trade price hit its previous high of 65 i jumped in at 60 and held to see if it pulled back down, exited with 5 more.
15-thought it might break down further it did grabbed a few more
DONE FOR THE WEEK...i think....


9- again looking for the bounce in the zone off the 15 area, saw 2 pips did not grab it and lost 4
10- same trade lost 5
11- got the bounce off 30 made 4 back


6-04 was the previous low area so i bought there and grabbed a few up
7- then it broke hard to 00 and took a shot at 01 out when it moved up then it
8-broke down hard the daily pivot is at 90 for me so i bought there and took a few more thinking this might really break down again and do not want to get caught so take pips quickly

NY # 1-5

1-kept hitting the 50sma and shorting
2-same trade 35/36 seems to be a nice support area
3- took a bounce off another support area at 16 broke against me and tested the bottom, i added a position at 04 the recent lows then rode it back up to the original area at 15
4-where i shorted again only to watch it break against me, so i closed with a loss
5- again up to 36 and short down to the Hline at 30. check the 5min charts
Market is very very erratic so i will trade a less lot size and more carefully until something establishes itself. this could easily drop big today....

Thursday, January 21, 2010


12- like a dumbass i missed the buy at the 31 which was the low from london earlier, came up to 52 i shorted and grabbed 5 more


8- looking to take a long off the green, as buys were still in play, it went against me i felt it might bounce off the 50sma on the 5min so i added there and it did bounce a litte but not enough to get me out and when it broke down through that i exited with a nice loss.
9-but i jumped in the sell as it looked like the eu was selling off and rode that down exited at the stall and
10- jumped back in another short down to 50 made back the loss
11- then waited to pullback up to short again, it went against me a little but came down nice on the pullback

Again anyone reading this, KEEP TAKING YOUR TRADES AND SETUP!!! Recognize the market and trade your setups....



6-7 pullbacks into the zone off the 5min and buy into the bias...


4-pullback to the zone and up grabbed a few more
missed the next pullback as it flew up 12 pips in 2 seconds oh well another bus coming
5- caught the next bus at 71 exited 735

NY #1 ,2, 3

1-price had puhsed up saw a little stall, jumped in looking for a couple, got one pip
2-same type of trade, price stalled got under the tma took the short this also sent against me, i exited -1 only to watch it drop back down, so now i will be looking to buy into this upmove.
3-off the 5min an uptrend had been established now looking for a pullback. I missed timed it a little but it came back my way and i exited at the recent highs at 82.

Wednesday, January 20, 2010


15- mket pushed up some, waited for the yellow and the 50sma on the 5min chart. and grabbed a few more for the pot


13- i cannot believe i missed the short off the red, i did catch a bounce off the bottom of the yellow for a few
14-same trade again once this pushed down hard grabbed a few more


11-pushed down hard to 98 and jumped in off the yellow at 00 grabbed two more
12 same trade a little lower up 96 t0 99


should have waited for 03 off the 5min for the bounce



5- shorts are in play so again short from 41 and down, should have held for the bottom but it stalled
6- went to the bottom again at 28, i bought 29 up to 32 for a few more


4- bias is down need to be taking shorts, missed the red short just before but caught this quick drop

NY #1,2,3

1-seemed the price was trying to push up, exited on the RED
2-shorted on the red, did not hold it like an idiot
3-similar trade as 1 grabbed a few more

Tuesday, January 19, 2010


i missed the big drop down but took a few trades, lost some on the first and then got into a rythme. good start for tomorrow


got yellow, entered at 71 then i added a position at the bottom again as the other chart showed a yellow showing a reversal. I rarely do this, it came up and got me out with a small profit. I do not recommend doing this, but i had the second yellow so i took a shot...


3- took the buy looking to exit up at the support at 08, i saw 07 had yellow to close and short but i did not close it, instead i closed at 94. AHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!! i know better, still a great trade...
4- missed a nice yellow buy earlier but i caught this one at 78 to 83 grabbed a few more for the pot.


felt it was breaking up, instead it continued with the bias downnnnnnn. took a lose but there is always another bus coming.

NY #1

1- trend is down got yellow shorted it went a bit away from me but i felt it would come back so i held it a bit. Good start to the session