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Friday, July 30, 2010

# 8,9

8- this was out of my TF but i felt that if the price tested the recent high at 57 and I had yellow i would short it +5
9-then the price jumped up i thought 64 would be the place of the stall so i shorted there +3

NY #1-7

Here are some of the trades from NY...
1-yellow short +5
2-yellow short exit spine +4
3-got yellow at 37 but i wanted to see if it tested 41 as i had a rest. there and entered at that point. price turned around there, wish i would have held. but you never now! +6
4-took the buy off the yellow at 21 damn thing kept drifting away from me hit 08 i was just about to close it and it turned around and flew back up. +2 GOT LUCKY!!!
5-shorted at 27 exited at the spine +6
6-and then bought when i closed trade #5, wanted to ride this up until i got yellow but price started to stall +10
7-then it went higher (rrrrrrrrrr) got yellow and caught the top of the push +6
I took most of these trades with a few other traders so hopefully everyone had a good London close and made some pips.

Thursday, July 29, 2010

Asia #1-3

Caught some asia action
1-had yellow waited until the end of the push, took 20 minutes to move +3
2-shorted into the downmove, stalled +3
3-looking to enter just past the daily pivot at 49 got in 47 +6


took a lot more smaller in and out trades as well. these are some of them
2-i shorted off the exit, i had rev yellow +5
3-same trade +5
4-yellow bought into the up move +8, started to stall
5-shorted +4
6-yellow exit spine +5
7-yellow exit spine +5
8-yellow exit spine +5
9-yellow exit spine +5

NY #1

price really pushed up hard and I was expecting another attacking on the highs of the day. I entered a long, it went against me i added a position and then decided to hold this as I did not think it would completely reverse off 1.3100. the white dot was my sl. if it broke that i would exit. It got damn close and then reversed giving me +13 pips. Obvioiusly i do not recommend this but it is about money management and your personal risk tolerance.