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Friday, October 23, 2009


#6 yellow looking for buys, got in stayed the course exited with a few more...


#4 a short off the yellow i waited and took the trade off the 50sma on the 15min chart, again bias is up price pulled down for a few and i took it. Should have bought there but oh well not my style

#5 again the price rocketed up to the days high area of 47/50 area and i saw yellow and picked my entry and grabbed a few more


#3 saw yellow i had the daily pivot at 08, priced jumped up and i entered there, then it fell, the bias for me is UP so i held it longer then usual. it finally came back i exited at 11 only to watch it go straight up higher to 47 unreal. But one of the rules i try desperately to hold to is if a enter and it gets away from me a bit and then comes back to my entry and gives me BE or a pip or so i exit and wait for the next entry

#1 & 2

#1 thought i heard my yellow alert to short saw price under the tma and i entered, exited -3.5

#2 then got yellow and shorted again grabbed 4 back

Thursday, October 22, 2009


#7 one last trade, i came back to the computer after i hear my yellow alert go off. i waited for the price to start moving down and then usually you will see a quick retrace up in this case that is where i entered, i knew this market is this and slow so i walked away and came back to find it had dropped a nice 10 pips so i exited...


#6 got yellow jumped in grabbed 5 more good day. I think i am finished...


#5 bias is up price got above the tma looked good dow rolled ++ i entered and grabbed a few only to watch it jump up 10 more. leaving SOOOO MUCHHH on the table...


#4 saw yellow let price develope trend is reversing down but overall bias is up the dow is neg. so the EU is going down. anyway grab 4 here....


#3 felt the bias was up, price moved above the tma, NY dow opened +27 so i jumped in, then the dow weakened and the price slipped a little but i decided to hold a little more then usual and exited at 00.


#2 saw yellow entered it went away from me about 6 i held it and then it tanked but when trades get a bit a away from me i try to just exit BE or with a pip or so.

#1 saw yellow let it develop, also had50sma on the 5min chart the price hit off of 50sma. I should have held this trade as the market is bulls and this was a perfect pullback to buy, it went straight up 30 pips, i would be done for the day...

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

asia #2

asia #2 to saw yellow, waited for the move down, missed the first exit, it went a few against me and then pushed down hard and i grabbed a few more...

asia #1

#1 same trade yellow short grab a few...


#10 same trades as earlier again the price pushed higher i shorted off the yellow and grabbed 5


#9 market shot up and i shorted again up top and yellow and again i should have held...


#8 same trade as 7 and many prior, yellow buy, trend up...


#7 i should have held my short from above as the price dropped, took my typical trade, yellow 00 price good spot to reverse back up but it did not instead went lower and i exited with a small lose. It happens accept it move on...


#6 saw on the 5min charts the support was 16/20 felt a short up there was good HP trade once the price stalled


#5 got yellow buys are in jumped in, it spiked up and i exited...same trade as I always take. I should have bought again on the dip down at 82 as it jumped up higher again but i did not have the yellow and i have done well.


#4 price is moving up saw the recent lows were at 85/87 area so i jumped in a buy, it went against me and i held more then we got yellow and i knew a push up was HP so i held, a break of the 78 low and I would exit, the price kept stalling at 93 so i exited then it sprung to 03, oh well. I have not shorted at 00 off the yellow because i feel it wants to go well past it to like 1.520 area on a strong push and I do not want to short 00 real quick to see it skyrocket to 1.520 and I am stuck or close it minus 10 before i can hit the close button. I will look to short up there

#1,2,3 NY

#1 shorted off the yellow grabbed a few, dow was about to open, i felt the market was going to push higher

#2 so i entered a buy and rode it up the price stalled i exited

#3 it went higher to yesterdays high where i shorted and grabbed a few more

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

#1 pre asia

#1 got yellow above the tma and bam the price spiked and i grabbed a few, of course it went up more but that is ok


#9 same trade as usual priced pushed up hard, once it stalled i entered shorted and took some pips

#10 same trade as above the move seems to want to go higher so i was looking to take a few quickly...


#8 market pushed down i entered off the yellow when the push ran out of steam at 90, thought i would see a test of 00 but it broke down again and i exited with a small loss..


#6 took the short, it broke higher i exited with a small loss

#7 again saw the same setup took the short and made back the lose but i should have held it gain as it dropped nicely


#5 i took the trade off the cci below, it pushed showing over sold so i shorted and grabbed a few more...


#4 price went right to the pivot at 25 i entered there once i saw the price stall and grabbed 5 on the bounce

#3 cont.

#3 continuation of the trade, left 15 pips on the table as the signal worked well and my patience did not let the trade play out...


#3 saw red to short, did not exit as i thought it would break lower, it went higher a bit and then i exited with a small lose as i was unsure what the market would do...


#2 dow opened price pushed down got yellow but waited feeling 50 would be a better entry and watched the charts, if it broke down further i would exit,


#1 Looking for buys as the market is still bullish, recent USD news might push this down with the dow, but saw yellow on the pulldown and took the buy for 5 pips...

Monday, October 19, 2009

asia #1

asia #1 took the short off the yellow saw a few pips profit but did not take it thinking the price would continue to bounce lower off this support area but it did not so i took a lose.


#7 same trade as usual just pips in the pocket...


#5 market was reversing got under the tma and i shorted the exit not only was the yellow but the 50sma on the 5min

#6 where i entered a buy and grabbed a few more


#3 short off the yellow it broke higher i lost a few

#4 same trade again exited breakevn


#1 saw yellow trend is up jumped in, once it spiked i exited

#2 moved higher, thought i would see a quick reversal down for a few pips off the yellow but it did not happen


#11 price is up and pullback down to the 50sma on the 5min chart and signaled yellow to buy knowing it would hit 00 and test it.


#10 market is marching slowly back up to 1.4900 so shorts off yellows I am looking for only a couple vs. a strong reversal. here is a couple pips...

Sunday, October 18, 2009


#9 got yellow took the short, did not wait for the tma because it seemed like the trend is reversing up after the asia push down. So i felt it would rev. for a few...


#7 i took a short off the top red indicator and grabbed a few then i saw yellow and once above the tma

#8 i took a buy, it went a bit against me but i held on and exited at the recent high at 52 for 10 more pips.


#1, took a short off the yellow, it went against me when it came back down to what i felt was the support area i exit at BE.

#2 and entered a buy, then that went against me and I exited with a 20 pip loss. OUCH!! I hate asia

#3 took a buy off the yellow and grab 5 back

#4 took another buy off the yellow and grabbed 5 more

#5 took a buy as the price moved above the tma grabbed 7 then

#6 took a short of the red top bar indicator grabbed 5 more