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Friday, October 9, 2009


#5 on my 5min chart i had the 50sma running or intersecting at 43, i shorted at 42 and grabbed a few

#6 priced pushed up and stalled at 51 i jumped in on the stall and grabbed a few on the retrace off the yellow


#3 recent low was 13 it hit it a few times, i got yellow to buy and held and caught the bounce up

#4 this was a continuation trade as the price had hit the 21 area a few times and if it broke that upward i would buy, it did so i bought on the break of the support.


#1 price got above the 21tma i took the buy, not sure of the momentum so i exited with 1 pip

#2 got red on the throwing continuation indicator to short so i did and damn i should have held.

Thursday, October 8, 2009


#7 similar trades as before got green and yellow white dot, took the buy at 99, jumped up quickly and exited

#8 took the same trade entered at 99 this time it broke against me and i exited and gave it back, hey it happens. More wins then loses though

#9 same trade again green/yellow white dot buy should have held


#5 took the short off the yellow white dot but held it too long and lost 11, it happens, sometimes I just do not leave go fast enough believing it is going to come back.

#6 got the green to buy and the yellow showing reversal white dot +6


I have been back in the states for the past 10 days so trading minimal. I have one more week here and then back to trading full time. But here are some trades i was able to squeeze in..

#1 shorted when the throwing continuation rolled red sayng short and exited the hline

#2 basically the same trade as one

#3 went long off the yellow went against me, got out basically BE

#4 shorted again off the yellow went against me and exited -6