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Wednesday, December 8, 2010


11-yellow buy went a few against me, seems the trend is changing +3
12-saw on the 5min 28 was my spot to buy, priced stretched to it i bought +6 should have shorted off the exit. GRRRRR
13-up to 28 i shorted went against me i added at 34 exited +2.5
14 -missed the buy off the yellow took the short into this downmove exited the yellow +12
15-bought off the exit on the yellow +7
16-bought again off the test of the low went against me thought it might break lower exit quick +1
Did a bunch more trades similar to these... 

NY #1-10

1-yellow short +5 should have bought off the exit
2-yellow again, short +5 again should have bought off the exit
3-took a buy off the recent support +6
4-bought again off the same spot went against me, spiked up really quick +1, only to watch it fly up damnnn.
5-shorted off the yellow and stretch of price. I added then exited +3
6-bought off the spine +5
7-shorted off the yellow +5
8-bought off the spine +4
9-again bought went against me then came back as I was with the trend, exited +3
10-same trade +3

Tuesday, December 7, 2010


7-price pulled back and i shorted into the downmove again +10
8-same trade RED to short, i thought this was going to stall and possible rev. took +4 instead it went way down.
9-bought off the yellow and the support on the 5min chart +5
10-shorted again off the exit into the downmove a quick +5
11-bought again +5
12-shorted but quick strikes +3
13-bought as i felt it might rev back up some +3
14-shorted again +2.5
15-last trade 1/2 before the london close bought off the bottom and I felt that the london close would move this back up some +16.

NY #1-6

1-yellow bought quick +7
2-shorted into the downmove +7 again
3-waited to see if it pushed lower, got more yellow, bought once price found a little support +8
4-shortef off the exit, did not take my pips, move up against me stretched straight up i added there then went further against me i felt this was coming down.  Got distracted when i came back price had tanked +20 (sometimes you get a break your way)
5-bought off the yellow +3
6-again price stretche down and I bought +4 

Monday, December 6, 2010


14-yellow buy, priced stretched away from me i added really fast off the fall rev up -1
15-again took the buy off the recent low +5
this last trade was a little out of my session.


7-yellow short +5
8-yellow short +7
9-yellow short +6
10-yellow buy go impatient BE
11-yellow buy +5
12-shorted off the previous support area to the left +3.5
13-missed the yellow short(answering the door) took the next short off the same area +7

NY #1-6

1-yellow buy, went a few against me +5
2-yellow to short into the mini dowmove +6
3-priced stretched i bought and exited at my earlier entry +7(should have shorted again there)
4-yellow shorted, did not take my pips right away, thinking it would come down, instead kept going went -10 against me almost added but decided to hold and see if this cycled back down +9
5-got yellow bought +8
6-yellow again +5