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Thursday, August 5, 2010


7-shorted again into this down move +12
8-again took the buy off the low and grab +3
9-took the buy off support at 41 was not sure if it would bounce here or at my next targe 34 it broke to 34 i added and exited +2


5-took the buy off the low at 58 yellow saying os, +16 good trade for me i should have shorted there oh well
6- waited to short and got red so took the trade +6

NY #1-4

1-move is down, let price get past 00 yellow entered should have exited at 00 the first time got it the second time +4
2-shorted into the downmove +5
3-took a buy off the support at 81 which i saw on the past candles, i did not like the 85 area because earlier the price did not respect it but stalled at 81 so i waited until then. +5
4-bought off the daily pivot +4

Tuesday, August 3, 2010


12-took near the end of my session the trend it up price pulled back towards the 50sma i entered off the support, price went right to the 50sma, i held this though it was past my trade time and exited on the yellow +14
13-shorted real quick off the exit and yellow +2


6-got my HR setup trend down indies cycled to short back into the down move, went against me -4
7-same trade,-5
8-short again +8
9-bought into the upmove closed at the 50sma +14
10-shorted off the 50sma +3
11-shorted off the support at 27, and exited at the rest. at 24 +3

NY #1-5

1-trend is down priced pulled back up i had rest. at 25, i got in a bit early +5
2-took the counter trade after the news off the support area +4
3-and shorted into the downtrend off the exit looking for 82 which is my support for an exit. this was a good trade +13
4-and bought off the exit and support here at 82 +6
5-and shorted again off the exit, went a bit against me +3