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Thursday, June 2, 2011

NY #19-26

NY #8-16

NY #1-7

first trade was in a range along the 50sma, thought it might break, got out when it did not.

Tuesday, May 31, 2011

NY# 6-10

6-after the news price pushd down got yellow took a buy off the stretch of price, it started to  look like it was falling down further so i exited only to watch it come back.  Damn frustrating -4
7-took the short on the mini pullback up +3
8-seems like it would move up, dow was +90, then it just ranged it did not wait around exited +0
9-price falls down i had support at 70 on the 5min chart, i took the buy off the bounce there +5
10-went a bit higher i entered went further up i added a position felling this would come back down exited +5.5

NY #1-5

Trend had been down but it could changed.
1-Yellow so i shorted off the previous support highs to the left. +5
2-started getting yellow but it was close to the 50sma on the 5min chart i shorted there. it went a few against me came back and exited +2
3-then because of this strong push up i bought on the exit +6
4-then bought again on the push up as we are in a mini uptrend possible the start of the bigger push depending on news and the dow. +10
5-i shorted at .4412 as on the 5min chart that was the resistance area. +3

Monday, May 30, 2011

NY #5-8

trading off the yellow in the range

NY #1-4

Got back to doing some trading, will posts some tick charts for the time being, the market was slow and rangy without any news on the US holiday.  So I was following primarily the yellow OS/OB indicators.
1-bought off the yellow +2.5
2-then shorted into the mini down move 3.5
3-pushed to the recent low, looking for the bounce, when it tested the bottom of the recent lows i exited +4
4-and shorted again into the mini downmove +3