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Friday, October 30, 2009


Again for those who still do not get it, take a look at this chart. it is similar to most of the trades I take. I did NOT take these trades as it was late friday session but it does not matter. Keep your s/l reasonable and make a bunch of money. The key as i have shared with so many is a couple of things. First learn to cut your loses when you feel it is going against you because FOR SURE there is anothe setup coming and KEEP TAKING THE TRADES, do not stop trading just because you took a small loss!!!! YOU WILL WIN IT BACK QUICKLY!!!


#4 thought the 50 area was a good short, trend was still down, but london closing, it broke against me i took a loss

#5 same trade off the yellow price got under the tma and i shorted..


#2 yellow buy counter trend felt the move was exhausted grab some pips

#3 same trades as above


did a few trades earlier but here are the latest yellow shorted, the trend is down so i gave the s/l a little more space as i felt this was going to drop down and got a nice run...

Thursday, October 29, 2009


4&5 same trades as usual, nothing new or different, following the yellow, let the price get under the tma enter the trade the s/l would be a break above or below the previous highs. Here the price found a range, just be patient, it will come...


#3 price pushed up and stalled, we had yellow to short, 50 was my target

#1 & 2

#1 buy bias so i am looking for pullbacks to buy got this one, and up she went...

#2 entered off the spike up previous high, and grab some on the way down...

Testing something out....will be back to you

I am testing something the next few days so my regular trades will be minimal.

Wednesday, October 28, 2009


did a few other trades, had a nice run down off a short but here are two more trades i took off the yellow...


saw the mkt drop off the news i jumped in a buy, i felt it was breaking lower but it stalled at 81 then went higher, when it got 10 away from me i closed it...


#1 price seemed up, got above the tma and i entered with a tight s/l

#2 got yellow took the buy rode it to yesterdays support area of 08

Tuesday, October 27, 2009


#5 again same trades, the white dot was the recent high, got yellow on the spike and jumped in bias being down, thought it was going to break down hard but it did not so i took a few

#6 bias down got under the tma broke up and i lost only to watch it come back to 00, oh well....


All the trades are off the same indicator, the news came out, the EU is down, looking for my indicators to take me in shorts...if the dow losses ground down this will go further. So I am looking for shorts until the direction changes...

Monday, October 26, 2009


#6 big drop happend, priced begain to move up the dow went from ++90 to -52 and the EU tanked again took another lose. here...shit again....


#5 daily pivot was at 13 i entered a buy, market was up dow up. i held until it broke against me and lost. Shit....

NY 1,2,3,4

#1 price was moving up, dow just opened and was ++, i jumped in a buy once it retraced and pulled back above the tma. My exit was the 50sma on the 15min chart and my yellow.

#2 which is also where i shorted from and grabbed a few that way

#3 it then moved back up spiked i saw yellow again and once under the tma I shorted and exited at the same place as before.

#4 priced started moving back up and i entered again in a buy dow was then +77.

Then i decided to cool off for a few minutes and let the market make another decisive move...

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Asia #1

#1 looking for buys rainbow started to step up and i bought...