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Friday, February 12, 2010


13-20 again so good and some so so, tough day for me, mkt not consistant for my eyes today...


11-dow opened negtive i shorted from 69 closed 57 on the yellow +12
12-and bought grabbed +3


9-took the short, i just felt this wanted to go down again and caught this for +12, i exited and
10-bought at 70 as the area around 68 was support earlier, it went 5 against me but this time i held a bit longer and exite +5. I will battle back and get back all loses and go++++++ for the day....


4-caught the short for +10
5-another short for +5
6-took the buy on the pullback saw some profit and then it tanked -5
7-took the buy off the greenyellow got a bad execution at 84, broke to 79 i exited -4
8-then it looked like it was breaking down so i shorted off the low only to watch it go right back up -6. WHAT THE F*** is going on!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

NY #1-3

three loses in a row. wow!!!
1-priced had pushed up to support at 74, i should have shorted instead it pulled back and i bought into the small up move a 68, when it broke 64 i exited -7
2- price pushe down to 54 came back to 60 is entered feelig the bias is down enter into the bias, it went four pips and then reversed exited -5
3- on the NY open at 8am i took the buy off the 74 area and it broke against me i closed at 78 -4. ONLY TO WATCH IT COME RIGHT BACK EACH AND EVERY TIME!!!! THIS KIND OF TRADING JUST F***ING CHAPS MY ASS!!!!!

Thursday, February 11, 2010


18-i saw on teh 5min chart 14 to be support got in 15 saw 2 and jumped out +2
19-when the price came back up to test 15 i jumped in and shorted and closed at 08 +7


16-took the buy again at 38 like before, spiked up quick could not exit went against me i closed -5
17-took another buy at 29 out 33 +4


NY 8-12

trades 10,11 trying to catch the reversal back down, i finally got red and i held and got back the loses on #12

NY 3-7

3-took the short as the bias was down, exited on the yellow +8 and
4-bought grabbed a +2
5-sold again at the recent support at 96 it broke up closed -3
6-got yellow to short in 03 closed 91 +12
7-bought 89 closed 92 +3

NY #1 & 2

1-got red,yellow to short, it broke against me i exited -5, then reached a peak, i still felt the bias was down or short so when priced got under the tma
2-i shorted into the bias again and after a struggle it broke, i exited at 21 +12, so got back the lose only to watch it tank 10 more pips. Oh well

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Asia #1,2,3

1-off the 5min the daily pivot is at 56 started getting yellow i waited until it touched it and shorted +5
2-same exact trade +3
3-dropped down to 40 on the gain chart i saw 43 got in 44 exited 49 +5. Nice 13 pips for asia.


12- bounce off the 50sma previous support was 23 area so i jumped in grabbed 4
13- same price spiked to 36 i jumped in another short for a couple quick ones
14- took the buy looking for the push up to the support at 50 to exit and enter. price went t 52 and stalled i exited
15-and shorted from 52 to 48
16- shorted again at 56 exited 50 and i am done.........


10- took the short again off the red and 92 like before it broke higher i exited
11-got yellow at 01 entered 00 rode it down to 94 made back the loss.


10- took the short again off the red and 92 like before it broke higher i exited
11-got yellow at 01 entered 00 rode it down to 94 made back the loss.


8-price had dropped and came back to test the 92 area where i shorted and i was waiting for yellow to exit i had 73 as a support off the 5min. got yellow at 76 i exited
9-and bought and rode it back to 92. two excellent trades



Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Asia #1,2,3

1- the end of NY and early asia the price had bounce around the 83 area down to 76 then tested 00. I took the short from 83 to the 78 +5,76 being the support area,
2-i immediately took a buy and waited until i got yellow to close +24 and
3-short and took a +2 more

#11 +++++++

11- so many trades and to think i was in a buy off the bounce at 97 exited 08 and then shorted and then bam lost on the move up until i shorted again, got back pips and kept shorting at the key areas 33, 50 etc until i got into a few buys and did well.


7- thought the bounce was coming at 30 area got in 32 and then it tanked waited t see if i would geta push back up did not happen broke lower i exited wih a nice lose
8-took another buy thinking it would push back up for 4-5 pips but it broke again, so i exited with a few more neg pips
9-then i shorted into the move looking th exit at support at 06 grabbed 10 back
10-then I bought and grbbe a few more back



3-quick bounces when the price stalled, 1pip
4-daily pivot is at 45/50area, price pushed past it so i waited for it to stall knowing it might want to pullback and retest the 51 area a quick 3a then
5-entered a buy in the direction of the move and grabbed 6 more


1- recent low was 44, i went by it then came back, when i saw a pip i took it just to get out. Wait for the next trade
2-30 was a nice support area plus the 50sma, price spiked hard to it i jumped in at 33 exit 37, quick trade

Monday, February 8, 2010


12- got green entered at 00, then is slipped down the the support at 92 on the 5min chart, which would have a been a better entry, it came back recent support up was 04 and i exited there.


10-priced had stalled i shorted grabbed a few next target 04
11- price got there i shorted grabbed a couple more, then I MISSED the yellow to short and like an IDIOT i missed the green BUY.


9-again the market is just ranging, i had yellow but i was waitin for 81-83 area to short it i saw 79 did not enter but it went to the support area of 64 so entered at 65 exited at 70.


8- wanted the buy at 56 got bad execution in 59 saw 2 pips and took it. priced went lower, saw yellow but i was waiting for a test of the london lows around 44ish. never got there.


6- dow opened neg, priced pushed down i started getting yellow i waited until it hit the daily pivot at 56 (5m) chart and I bought, saw support at 65 i exited and
7-shorted into the bias and grabbed 5 more


1- seemed shorts were in play, took the buy off the daily pivot 56, grabbed a few
2- saw support again at 65, never got the bounce, took a nice loss there
3- priced moved up so it seemed the bias had changed took a buy and exited on the recent high of 81 and
4-went short and grabbed a few
5- priced reversed i saw the 68 area had held before so i took a buy there gave a few pips i did not take it then it went against me i saw the daily pivot at 56 (5m) plus i got Yellow to buy so i held and then it reversed and i exited this time at 76.
A bumpy session