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Friday, January 15, 2010


17- waiting for it to break up on the close of london, it spiked up had yellow but did not close and short, thinking london would push this higher it broke down again as yellow predicted and i closed for a close,
18-only to get yellow again to buy, made a few back on the buy.

i tougher day today to trade for me, took some loses here and there and missed these easy yellow shorts, in a short bias market. problem was the 5min chart was trying to roll over and go back up, so i had conflicting things in my head. Oh well...


16- price stalled had yellow, shorted a few more


14- i got yellow to short felt the bias is still down, it spiked up and i added a position (rare I do that now) when it came back down with a few pips i exited
15- took the buy, thinking this might push back up in the last hour of london and the week after the drop it made and grabbed a couple more.


13- still taking shorts


9,10,11- shorts bias so i am taking shorts grabbing a few at a time,
12-it broke down hard to 56, moved back up took a buy for the bounce


7- thought is was breaking higher, took a hit
8- got down to the lows stalled made a small push up i bought and out with a few back


6- red yellow short this bad boy


2-yellow buy
3,4,5- the bias is down so i am taking shorts on the pullbacks up.

NY #1

1- thought this would break up, held it through the news (not smart) it moved up thought i would get a test of the 90 area the support, it did not moved down so i jumped out

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Asia #3



23- back from lunch doing some emails heard the alert going off on the yellow checked the charts 5min, saw the 50sma coming into play at 92 which has been a nice support area, so i bought and caught the bounce...


22- price broke down hard and i just took a shot and jumped in, normally the EU once it moves 20+ pips in a few seconds like to sling shot back up for a few pips. Nice fun trade...


20-yellow recent lows was 68 took a quick buy
21- off the lows of yesterday at 58, saw 59 jumped in 61 exited 65


market still holding in the 90 area, got yellow, hello pips.......



just trading with the trend and when the price stalls after a big push down or up


just scalping feeling the market.


4- the support and pivot was at 20 the news pushed it up to it i shorted got in a tad late rode it down
5- reversed up a little i jumped it and grabbed a few more
6- did the same trade from 01 off the 00 bounce and grab some more
7- then i just sensed a test of the 00 again and shorted from 05

NY #1,2,3

1- nice drop to yesterdays support area got yellow jumped in a buy, up to 90 thinking that was a good exit based on the lows on the previous rainbow lows
2-so i shorted from there and grabbed a few the other way,
3- got yellow again bought and took it back to 90 another solid start to the day.

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Asia #3

3- GREEN buy...

Asia #2

was waiting for a push down to enter into this mini uptrend, the price spiked down hard to 20 and i jumped in a buy quick and man 3 secs later it fly back up and 9 pips quick wow!!!!!!!

Asia #1

price was pushing up saw yellow timed it off the recent support of the 5min and shorted.


12- priced stalle took the buy at 85 saw a pip then it went against me but i hung in there and when i saw a couple pips i took it, i was thinking a test of the daily pivot again would be the exit at 92 and then short which is what happend and what i did
13-shorted off the daily pivot, i went against me but finally came down at that point i closed BE


was waiting for the homerun pitch the pullback up to around 13/15 but i jumped in around 09 off the red, it drifted a bit higher, still got red then yellow, i looked to exit at 00, again should have held this bad boy back to at least the daily pivot at 91. oh well


7-i remembered that yesterdays pivot was 08, we had support on the 5min chart at 10 so i took the buy there and grabbed a few and then
8-shorted feeling a test of 00 was in order, exited there, it went back up to the 10 area and i
9-shorted from 10 this time held it to see if it tested the new daily pivot at 91, as soon as it hit the 92 i closed it and then
10-bought looking for a test of 00 and exited.


5-recent support was at the 29 area, got yellow bought grabbed a few the next support was 22/23
6- it hit it i bought but did not feel comfy closed with 1


1- bias was up, the pullbacks before had been at the 61 area so i bought there, rode it up until the recent high of 70
2- got yellow to short, held that a bit longer feeling it would test the 61 area that is where i exited.
3- i saw it pushing down so i waited and it pushed righ to the 50sma where i bought, i felt it would try and test the 61 again and stop so i exited there and
4- shorted at 60 for a few more pips

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Asia #4

4- price pushed up to the daily pivot on the minute, had my finger on the trigger i saw yellow to short so i did, and grab 3 more pips

Asia #1,2,3

1- yellow short
2- yellow buy
3- off the 5min chart price above 50sma, small pullback down looked like it wanted to push higher got in 80 closed 85


Please tell me someone caught this beauty of a trade, 50SMA, the DAILY PIVOT, YELLOW to buy......


15- sensed a buy back up off the 5min, i broke against me i exited for a lose
16- got yellow so i bought back in and exited again up at 32 and made back the lose
17- then shorted again at 32, it went against me i was about to close it but i started to get yellow at 40 so i added a position(which i rarely do now) and it dropped nice until i got green to exit at 25 and then
18- buy off the green for a couple more.


14- previous high from the earlier session was 21 figured it would spike a little by it to 23 or so, i jumped in and it dropped and again put a few more in the bank...


13- priced pushed up strong and stalled at 15 i clicked got in at 12, it dropped quick exited 10.


12- 98 seemed like a good bounce area as the price had stalled there before entered at 99 exited 01 should have held, oh well. take it an runnnnnnn forrest runnnnnnnn....


8-dow was moving up from -65 now -35, jumped in at 01 looking for the pivot around 08, it went against me a few i hung in there as the bias was a bit more up on my 5min chart, i exited at 08 it pushed a bit higher
9- and i shorted that went against me i held and figured it might come back and touch the pivot again to get me out BE.
10- i should have bought at the DP but instead waited the price went back up got yellow and i shorted it again down to the DP at 08
11-where i bought this time, again it slipped against me i held and and when it saw a few pips i took them.


6- felt it would break down from here, the dow was -65 so i thought it would break down from here, it broke higher stalled i exited and
7- looked to short again at the pivot at 08, got in 06 rode it down to the 96 made back the loss and up a couple more pips. you have to keep trading taking your setups...


5- the blue diamonds showed the recent support area at 91 as soon as the price spiked to it i shorted. and it crashed down for a quick 5.


4- i missed the short up at 90 off the yellow but i caught this yellow when it pushed down, stalled, i jumped in a buy and quickly it jumped up and i exited for a few more...


3- same trade as the last one, priced pushed up to it real quick, so i shorted from the same spot and grabbed a couple more


2- again another yellow short for 5


1-I am going to slowly start to post trades, time and head permitting
bias seems down to me. priced pulled up, the 85 has been showing support, got yellow to short, looked for a little better entry, missed it but got 86, rode it down to 80, good start...