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Thursday, September 24, 2009


#15 took a buy off the yellow saw a few, then it kept going. lost 6 or so

#16 price got above the tma thought it was breaking back up, again gave some pips back

#17 got yellow took the buy, figured this EU has about bottomed out for the move only to watch it break again against me. Took another small loss

#18 took another buy up above the tma and grabbed some pips back


#14 price pushed down to test its previous lows, again i jumped in where i did before at 79, my s/l would have been a break below that low. rode this up for 10 at 1.4689.


#13 priced got above the tma took the buy, looking for a push back up, but...lost a few pips...


#12 if u remember earlier s/r had been established at 1.4707 so when the price pushed up to it i shorted down to 00 but like many times tihs was a trade with the trend and i should have held a bit longer....


#8 took the buy off the yellow grab some pips
#9 got yellow again got a poor entry, broke against me i closed for a small loss
#10 priced got up above the tma took a buy
#11 got yellow took buy thinking it would push up to 00 but it hit 98 and actually gave a yellow to short, but i missed the exit signal and exited at 90, then watched it go all the way back up... damn it!!!


#7 the price has formed s/r at the 1.4707 area marked by the red dots, when the priced started moving up it made a quick jump to 07 where i jumped in a sell, still feeling shorts are in. s/l a break higher then that, got out with a few, should have held as it went back down....ahhhhh


#6 priced pushed up shorts still in play, saw the cci (white dot) got overbought, so i shorted at 1.4705 my exit looking for 1.4700. My s/l was a break above the red dot...


#5 price moved down pushed back up a bit got under the tma, i took a quick short thinking it might push down lower, my s/l was the little high prior to my entry, so if it broke higher i would exit with a loss, instead it broke down quick to 89 stalled and i exited with a couple of pips..
PS. Looking back i missed the buy on the drop and the yellow, i should have bought there...


#4 1.4716 had previously been an area where i entered as s/r has formed there, the cci at the bottom spiked +220 to short so i jumped in and rode it down, thought it might break the 00 but it paused and bounced and then broke down further... figures but hey making money positive pips


#1 trend is obviously down, was looking to get into a short, priced got under the tma so i took the short, i was on the 4hr chart that the 70 area was a good support for an exit and bounce when it hit 80 and reversed i exited.

#2 waited to take the buy price got above tma so i entered, usually on a big move down the EU likes to go to around 90/92 and reverse back down, so i exited there.

#3 again wanted to get into a short, priced stalled at 00, shorted 99 i continued on up, i held a bit longer then usual and then took the lose, I am sure it will come back down...

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

#20,21 stairs

#20, the white dots clearly show the price stepping down, once the price got under the tma you could have shorted, the previous high being your s/l. this is why i prefer the rainbow as you and clearly see these setups. But i am more of a contrarian trader so when the price reversed back up above the tma and started to step up (pink dots) i entered a buy and grabbed a couple pips.

#21 then it reversed down below the tma the trend overall is down so i took the short and exited on the yellow reversal signal. You can see the aqua balls going down


#17, i had mentioned in the post 1 back that support was building at 52/55 area, price hit it, and gave the short entry.

#18 same exact trade again, I saw these two entries off the 15min charts which i will post. You can see the blue arrow on the 15min chart where the 50sma, and daily pivot both were intersecting creating a great support/resistance area.

#19 the market reversed and looked like a bounce buy was coming in around 28/30 area. This was created by the 50sma coming into play on the 5min chart.

CCI 21 trade

you see how the cci 21 in the graph pushed up and spiked and also crossed red +220 line indicating a short, then reversed for a nice 5 pip exit when the price moved down to the -200.


#16 Yellow priced stalled got a confirmation a divergence was forming so the EU should be going down, jumped in LATE at 1.4730 went a couple of pips against me then spiked down and took 2 pips. If it keeps moving up i would look to short around 52/55 area lots of support there.

CCI 21 running at the bottom of my chart is there to help give me an entries & exit when a move because ob/os, in this case the price moved down the cci hit the -220 green line/white dot in the indicator graph and gave me the exit. Again this works in a slower market like asia.


#15 did a 6 round trip trades during fomc, 4 winners 2 losers. rested for a bit and took this last one, off the yellow in at 1.47300 closed 1.47349, almost 5 pips.


#14 a quick pip and a half off the push and stall, pre fomc


#10 again i felt trend was down entered in the area where i had been shorting from, got under the tma and then the darn pair broke down hard. Sometimes you catch those runs, once it bottomed out i exited and went

#11 long looking for a quick pullback grabbed a few more

#12 it stalled again at 48 jumped in a buy got a few more then waited to see what the price would do

#13 it bottomed up price got above the tma i jumped in 35ish price got to 43 and started to stall so i exited.


#7 price was rev. back up got above the tma jumped in a buy

#8 price pullbacked up and now i was looking for shorts it kept breaking against me so i exited with a loss

#9 similar trade as before, got yellow, hung in there a bit longer then usual but felt the trend is wanting to push down.


#6, saw yellow got under the tma, it went against me a bit more then i usually hold but I felt the overall move was down and waited to see if we would get a retest of the lows, once the price stalled i exited.


#3 off the yellow grabbed a couple

#4 same trade except it broke against me

#5 it looked like the EU was about to break out and not reverse jumped in a sell, which is opposite of what i usually do and I paid for it.

Wednesday Sept 23, 2009 #1,2

#1 the EU is still ranging, saw the yellow jumped in grabbed a few

#2 same trade my s/l was the previous low

Tuesday, September 22, 2009


#6, same trade, yellow bought, market very slow just sitting there so i took 2 pips, versus waiting.


#4 same trade, got yellow, i waited to enter at 95 as about an hour earlier the price had hit this area and got rejected so even though i saw yellow earlier i waited to get a better entry at 95. then it moved down and i exited.

#5 again yellow priced moved up to 05 and stalled there, i jumped in at 03 knowing my s/l would be right above the 05 high, then rode it down to the 95 area which was the recent entry on trade #4.


#2 got yellow priced got above the tma learned from the last trade to grab a few get positive for the session.

#3 same trade saw yellow entered a bit premature at 79 and rode it up to the Hline or horizontal line.

Tuesday Sept 22, 2009 #1

#1 got yellow took the buy at 95 thought it was going higher to test the recent highs around 1.4810 but it died at 00 and reversed, broke below my enter and then got a quick spike up and i exited with a minimal loss.

Monday, September 21, 2009


#18 counter trend, thought i would be able to catch a couple here, broke the opposite way and exited -3. it happens


I did not take these trades, just missed them but more of the same, yellow take the buy, s/l is bottom of the previous low, in and out and grab of few... in a slower market the yellows can really be an atm machine, again keep the s/l tight...


#17 I still feel the trend is up, priced pulled back down from the previous buy and i jumped in with my finger on the trigger, a break to the downside and i would exit with a loss, soon as i saw 2 pips profit it exited quickly...


#16 the over trend is now up, so this was a typical HP trade for me. Priced pulled back down and i got yellow to take the trade in the overall direction of the move and grabbed a few. I could have held a bit longer.


#15 buys are in play so when the priced got above my tma, i entered looking to exit at 00. On the 1hr chart u cansee the 50sma came into play at oo and rejected the price, so that was the exit. I should have shorted. Also the dji was at -55 then started gaining ground. Now -22. Now sit tight and let london close then look to re enter... Also on the tick chart we had gotten a yellow to short which could have been a good trade as well. close the original long when you got yellow, short, grab a few and re enter the long up to 00. But i thought the yellow was going to continue right to 00 and not stop that is why i did not close my trade or enter the short there..


got yellow priced stalled, and broke against me i waited to see if i would get a little pullback to exit with minimal damage...


#13 got yellow to short, plus the price was hitting the 50sma again on the 15min chart, so i shorted...

#12 15min chart

you see the 50sma yellow come into play on the 15min chart, so i waited on the tick chart, got yellow on the tick, new a short was building and when it hit 62 the 50sma i shorted and exited with a few only to watch it drop from 62 to 43. But you see the power of it...


#12 saw the support at 61 from before on the 15min chart, the yellow 50sma line coming into play to act as a rejection area. Had my finger on the trigger to short as i was getting yellow on the tick charts.


#11 got yellow priced stalled at 50/51 is shorted, hit 47 i exited, quick in and out, s/l was a break of the 51.


#10 just a price feel trade, seemed like the market wanted to push higher, i jumped in with a tight s/l finger on the trigger if it did not go my way. and the price spiked real quick grabbed 4.5 pips. Market shows no solid direction, dji is -85 so i would expect down but the overall push despite the dji being down is up at the moment ...


#6 market moved up quickly got yellow shorted felt the bias was still down, dji -66 at the time, when it broke up higher i exited.

#7 same as 6 took another small loss, aggreviating but...

#8 got the short to work this time made some back

#9 bias was up dji was loosing some ground -50 price above the tma took the buy and grab a few real quick


#5 Dow opened neg jumped ina sell when the price got under the tma, grabbed a couple


#4 same trade as number 2. Seems we are in a nice little pattern here. The NY stock market is going to open and the EU has been following the dow, so if it is up or ++ i would expect a move up. If neg. then down it goes first to 1.4590 area for a quick bounce. Lets watch...

Monday Sept 21, 2009 #1,2,3

#1 Trend is down, i am looking for shorts, price got under the tma, entered the trade, the previous high would be my s/l

#2 Got yellow saying price was reversing, jumped in early then rode it up

#3 Same trade as #1