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Friday, October 5, 2012

Ny #1-4

The Trend was up after NFP, so i looked for buys, but the mkt lost its volume after the news.


  1. Hi James;
    Long ago, I'm following your blog, my problem is that, no, I have access to free NinjaTrader, but I discovered this wonderful Metatrader expert to generate charts in ticks:

    Is it possible you can tell me, what type of moving average, you use to create the rainbow? .

    Another question: what do you recommend for indicator overbought / oversold for tick charts?. CCI??

    Thanks, and forgive my annoyance.

    My email:

  2. I answered this questions in a private email. But for others, the moving average i use is weighted and as for OS/OB a stoch, Macd, ADX or CCI will work fine.


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