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Wednesday, July 9, 2014

NY #1-15

Finally we got some volume in the market.

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  1. Pit view Try the free Trial they have composite feed from different liquidity providers and have merged them all together. Level 2 depth is analyzed but you can see it in realtime also, when the depth gets really wide like over 2pips (20 pipettes) on each side bid ask, you can see the big move seconds before its on your chart. also you will be able to trade fake-out because the depth shrivels up and does'nt continue a real continuation of a break out will show at least double digets (pippets or more than 1 pip.and if there is a continuation you will see it in the depth b4 it hits the charts. EURUSD has no Vol. ATR all time lows for 1w, 1d and 4h. Wait for Vol to come back - maybe a yr. Use 5 tick like you used to use 1 tick, select (1/10th a pip) for charting type on NinjaTrader. Wait 4 the fake out. get VSA better Vol indi on your 5 min mt4 you wanna take the red and white thrusts, do not trade around NFP/FOMC/Interest rates you already know that!. You can't take as many trades as you used to Vol too low, means new setups.


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