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Wednesday, April 13, 2016


Many of you have hit me up and asked if I am still trading or why I stopped posting setups.   I reached a point where posting the same exact setups over and over seemed redundant so I did not see the need to continue posting.  They are all there in the blog history.

 Also, I took most of 2015 off from trading to spend time traveling.   I started trading again in Jan 2016 and had a very nice run scalping until mid-March when I took more time off to travel.  I am taking the exact same setups as I have posted over the past 5 years.  Looking for candle reversal patterns on the lower timeframes such as the 15tic charts, 1 & 5min charts using a BB as a filter.  If there is a demand for me to start posting setups again let me know.  Otherwise, enjoy the past history.


  1. Glad that you still kicking on surface of planet Earth.
    I thought you've gone to the other side


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